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8/30/2014 c1 Julietish
Hi! It's Juliet from A Drop of Romeo. When your story was featured, one of ADoR's judges wrote this review: Spontaneous isn't a word easily associated with Crystal Moore...until she runs into Jacob Riley the summer before college. Suddenly "unplanned" seems to have become her middle name. When unexpected circumstances force them together Crystal discovers that the moments we don't plan for are the ones that teach us the most.

If you're looking for a nice, light read that will melt your heart and put butterflies in your stomach... then keep looking. On the other hand, if you're looking for a deep, emotional story that will have you aww-ing one chapter and sobbing the next, then From Beginning To End is perfect for you.

It's about Crystal Moore, a girl who is fresh out of high school with no real direction in life. Her plans for the summer are to do as little as possible while her parents are away, but that changes when Jacob Riley comes to her rescue at a party one night. After that, they form a strong connection that spans a few years and turns into something much more permanent and much more life-changing than is evident at first glance.

In an effort to cut out spoilers, that's as ambiguous as I'll leave the summary. I started reading this story with no idea how it would turn out, and it ended up pretty much ruining my life for one night. It's very long (54 chapters and over 250,000 words), and does drag on in some places, but I think that is the only way a story like this could be told. Sometimes there were long blocks of text that didn't seem to say anything, but From Beginning To End still had me up until 1:30 am (on a school night!). There are so many twists and turns that you can't help but stay up and tell yourself, "One more chapter, just one more chapter!"

For all of its good parts (and there are many!), this story has some faults, too. As I said, there were big paragraphs of narrative that was pretty unnecessary. Sometimes it felt like the same thing was being stated over and over again. A lot of those unrealistic cliches were used too-the raging, alcohol-filled high school parties and the shady men who can't seem to restrain themselves among them. I felt that the character development was lacking as well. Crystal is sort of a boring protagonist; she's not particularly funny or interesting, and the only remarkable thing about her seems to be her relationship with Jake. Speaking of whom, Crystal is consistently saying what a good guy Jake is, but there isn't really any evidence of this; he pulls some jerk moves throughout the story.

Despite all this, I wholeheartedly recommend From Beginning To End. HeadAboveTheWater holds nothing back. She describes everything fully-the emotions are crystal clear and cut you to the core. She has no qualms about breaking her characters' (or readers') hearts, but she more than makes up for them with the lemons. They are pretty few and far between, but are so thorough and poignant that they can definitely tide you over until the next one! The characters (though lacking in personality) each have their own sets of faults and mistakes, without which this story would not exist. They both have their own redeeming qualities-Crystal with an amazing depth and selflessness, and Jake with a surprising humanness to him. Overall, From Beginning To End is a very powerful, heartbreaking story that I 100% recommend, as long as you are emotionally available and have no important plans for the next few days!
8/16/2014 c1 lovemystryxxkiss
Love it so much xx
8/3/2014 c55 2ilikedaisychains
I couldn't finish it as soon as I wanted, because I had to go to work yesterday and today, but alas, I finally made it. And I loved it. And I love the characters and the world that you created, and you did it in such a beautiful, three dimensional way that the whole thing felt complete. The first thing I noticed about this story when I started reading it was how thoroughly you described every little thing, so that we could picture it exactly how you did. Fifty-five chapters later, and that never once changed. Thank you for giving me a (very, very exhausting two days seeing as both days I didn't get to sleep until 4am and 3:30am and I then had to wake up early to go to work) lovely story to read and a new world to get absorbed in. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for being extrordinarily talented with a keyboard and a Word document.

Until I get around to reading the sequel preview and mini-stories (although I see on your profile there's no sequel document uploaded...),

- Mia
8/1/2014 c33 ilikedaisychains
I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY! It's currently 4am in the UK and I've been sitting in the exact same spot since around 8pm reading this. My eyes have now become so blurry that it's actually a struggle to type this. I'm afraid to say that I'll have to finish this tomorrow, because as much as I've enjoyed it so far and as much as I'd like to carry on, I just don't think that a) my heart can take any more of this emotional torment tonight/this morning and b) I am sO DAMN TIRED I TELL YOU.

On a plus note, well done. This story is A* and I'm very much enjoying it. Hence how I'm in the half-asleep state that I'm currently in.

Goodnight, and I shall see you (not literally) tomorrow.
6/20/2014 c47 Mfon
This is a really good story. I don't know how many times I've reread it, but it just continues to get better with each read, Especially with all the low-quality on this site to compare it to. Your story is better than a lot of the stories that are more popular and I'm so glad I can continue to reread this. Great job! :)
4/28/2014 c58 lila18
Oh gosh! I didn't want this story to end. It was absolutely amazing :) I hope you are still planning on continuing the sequel!
4/21/2014 c55 xHopeForNowx
I just absolutely love this story !
It took me like two days to read and I was constantly just going around my house saying "oh my god, I am reading such a good story!" and was explaining it to my family!
Literally obsessed. Like I could see this as a movie, like it had a full on plot/storyline and followed it amazingly. A little bit of everything was in it, okay I am just telling your own story to you. haha. But seriously, you're an amazing writer, which I am sure you've heard plenty of times, but you are and this is by far my favorite story on here. I am so happy I got bored and went to a random page and found this story! yay!
2/10/2014 c58 hirokiri9
this is such an amazing story. simple perfect. full of angst, fluff, romance and drama. did i mention angst! :D love it!
1/15/2014 c54 genuisgina
He finally makes her see d light.
1/15/2014 c52 genuisgina
Y dont u make her work for his trust. Her life is too damn easy.
1/15/2014 c50 genuisgina
Y does she hav to argue over silly things? Gosh! I really cant stand her sometimes.
1/15/2014 c49 genuisgina
Seriously wat's so special abt crystal? She's a selfish and manipulative person. She shld beg for jacob's love. Who gave her to ryt to make d choice for him? She saw hw torn up he was abt d supposed abortion and yet she culdnt put him out of his misery. She has no courage to do d ryt thing only courage to make a mess of things. Jake deserves som1 better. If she really wants him she shld beta straighten up and try to gain his trust back,y wld she jst give up like dat. She's really stupid.
9/8/2013 c13 shortwinters219
OMG what a tease!
6/22/2013 c55 brinalovesyouxx
One of the most well written stories ive read, and i have read A LOT. I definitely look forward to reading your other stories xD xx
6/13/2013 c44 anon
I'm glad Jake and Crystal end up together, but I just think that Jake is so selfish. At every stage in their "relationship", it always seems like Crystal is the one making sacrifices for them - whether it be giving herself up to comfort Jake, going into the abortion clinic b/c Jake couldn't handle it, keeping the baby b/c Jake would regret it, keeping the pregnancy under wraps b/c it would "destroy" Jake's prospective career, giving up college for them, always apologizing for keeping the pregnancy a secret even though he could've/should've picked up on the hints she was pregnant or actually visited her or talked to her properly after the supposed "abortion"... I think his key cowardly moment was not going into the abortion clinic with her. Even if she said no, he could've found a way if he actually tried; instead he was too busy wallowing in his own guilt never mind the fact that the burden Crystal would have to carry from the abortion would be far greater than his, or the risks associated with abortion or the fact that she hadn't even been with anyone before but she was now basically carrying them both.

I think in your other story I had requested a chapter about insight into Jake's feelings when Crystal gets hurt, but I think what would be more interesting is a chapter where he realizes everything Crystal has/is giving up for him/them and that that is far greater than anything he feels about having missed the first year of his son's life. Crystal and Jake should end up together, I agree, but by the end of the story I still don't think he deserves or is worthy of her.
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