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6/10/2013 c57 Dominique Diane
Awesome story! Totally loved the happy ending. About the sequel I think it's a great idea but don't write so much drama about it, because it would get tedious to read. This story was so good I cried because of little Aiden :) Great plot.
5/20/2013 c58 Guest
Just finished reading all of this fic today and with the mini stories, but you know when you wrote the first chapter of the sequel where she's in the bar or whatever and the bartender is oggling at her lol, I felt like you had started a new story then? I felt like something had happened in her marriage, I might be wrong but can you just clarify it? Cos its seriously stuck in my head, thanks, and great story you're an excellent writer
5/4/2013 c10 oasion
are you serious
3/29/2013 c58 leavemeialone
So I finally read this story, YAY! I wasn't sure what to expect. I just knew immediately when she was going to have an abortion that she wouldn't have one. I guess it is because it happens. I just thought the plot would work with that. It did kill me throughout this story when she didn't tell Jake about the baby. It was clear that Jake would end up really mad for that. AH . . . I felt so terrible for Marcus though! I wanted to see some Marcus/Crystal action . . . but obviously I knew they were never ever going to get together. It was sad seeing how Marcus felt, but I am glad that he moved on to Jennifer. I am glad that during the pregnancy, Crystal had a great support system. She needed this, especially when Jake was gone. I am glad to see a happy ending! Thank you for this awesome story.
2/27/2013 c17 1macy8
I wakd then to have the baby not abortion it you are so mean darnet im angry
2/10/2013 c56 Aradia Cloud
Oh GOD. What happened? What? Huh? I'm so confused! Is that Crystal or someone else? Please don't let them break up! Please tell me she didn't cheat on him! Please tell me that you're a sucker for happy endings!
2/6/2013 c58 Waiting4Revenge
I love this story. Every day I would wake up extra early to read this before I went to school. Keep up the good work. ;)
2/3/2013 c54 9AKhwab
A sweet ending. So much drama. So much angst. You have a very creative mind. I think it's wonderful that you've managed to bring them this far after all those challenges they went through. You still make this whole plot plausible.
2/2/2013 c18 AKhwab
I didn't really get emotional. Sorry...
2/2/2013 c14 AKhwab
I knew she was going to be pregnant. They did it twice without the condom.
2/2/2013 c13 AKhwab
Oh my God. It was all a dream?
2/2/2013 c8 AKhwab
Uh... About this chapter. It felt robotic.
2/1/2013 c2 AKhwab
What did you mean by "*1st Place Best Drama SKoW Round 12*" in your summary? Jacob Riley sounds like a yummy guy. Why isn't there anyone like him in my life?
2/1/2013 c1 AKhwab
That was an AWESOME chapter. LOVED it. Very descriptive.
1/28/2013 c55 Aradia Cloud
I. Am. Crying.
So glad that you convinced me to continue reading this, coz I would have missed out. The upheaval of my emotions during this story was outrageous. I said I hated you, right, and then I said that I loved you. I think I'm gonna stick with love now. The way you pulled off this story was amazing and it blew me away.
This is me, giving you props, for writing a masterpiece.

$*Aradia Cloud*$
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