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5/22/2012 c13 Bleeding Sunshine
IT WAS ALL A DREAM? Aww so sad yet it was written very well! Can't wait for your next update :)
5/22/2012 c13 EverAfterGirl
I totally thought that this was real until the end. I can't wait to read more!
5/22/2012 c13 captainmoosen
wow i did not see that whole 'dream' thing coming...what the hell? u better make that real! lol great chapter tho, its got be all hot and bothered hahah
5/22/2012 c13 godislove
OHMYGOD, just amazing, i am SPEECHLESS literally.

This has got to be the best story on this site foreal, ;D Keep it up girl, i CAN'T wait for your next update! LOVING THIS SO MUCH.
5/22/2012 c13 FreyaLuell

That was a cruel trick! But i really liked it, Jake is really turning into a GOD. Man I wish I was Crystal, although not a dream.. ;)
5/20/2012 c12 FreyaLuell
Have to say.. LOVING your frequent updates, 3 in the last week- AMAZING!

Great that Jake was in it more, and again i could feel the tension and all the mixed emotions.

However... i have a little moan coming: I just feel a little frustrated with the story. I'm not bored by any means and i like how the chapters are relatively long, but there are massive chunks of her thinking about things and her feelings. I like to understand the characters and to get an insight into their thoughts and feelings, however i just feel like there's a tad too much. I would prefer a bit more action with the story. These big chunks of feelings just feel like they're slowing down the story and it's progression. So my only constructive criticism would be: a little less of that and more action please :)

I'm still LOVING THE STORY though :D great great great
5/20/2012 c11 FreyaLuell
Great as always. I get emails with updates on this story to my phone, i can honestly say that when i get an email i actually PRAY that it's for this story!

Wished there was more of Jake obviously.. but i appreciate that this chapter was needed.

I wonder if anything more will come from the doctors appointment, hmmmm

Although i will just say it and get it out there... i hope she's not pregnant.

But still love it love it love it :)
5/20/2012 c10 FreyaLuell
I just love this story. Loved the meeting with his mom, please make sure she pulls through! Otherwise i might stop reading... joking :P I liked how there was a lot of dialogue in this chapter but how you still managed to interlock all their emotions.

I honestly feel so many emotions when reading your story; my heart keeps fluttering and then it races and then i nearly go into a cold seat, especially WHEN HE DECIDES TO LEAVE!

Although.. my only qualm about this chapter is that I would have liked it if she'd said a little more than just "good" when he told her. For example something like "Good, i'm pleased for you" or "That's great news, Jake. I think that's the right decision"... I don't know, I know she would have wanted to leave asap but it just felt a bit abrupt.

5/20/2012 c12 foxyricanlady
Update update update! I love this story
5/19/2012 c11 angelc18
Im already predicting things for the future to do with what happened in this chapter...

I hope you update soon- I could read this all day! :)

This update was lovely, as per usual. Write as much as you can :D

xoxo Suze
5/18/2012 c11 KensaCamjonn
I just saw this and it looked interesting so I decided to give it a try. I hardly ever read unfinished stories, and I hardly ever review. So anyway, I just wanted to say that I really love this story. Its so sweet and sad at the same time. I love both characters immensly and the style is great as well. I really like the slow pace of this as well. Anyway, keep up the great work and I'll be waiting impatiently for the next update!
5/18/2012 c11 Bleeding Sunshine
LOVE IT! update soon please :)
5/18/2012 c11 1LadyBalacenia
Yayayyy :) you updated!
5/17/2012 c10 angelc18
Both the writing and plot of this story are amazing, so I dont know why you arent getting any more reviews :/

I wish I could help but I think that some people are just to lazy to sit and read through many of them and most might search for already completed stories or ones that already have plenty of reviews.

Hopefully you'll get more readers as you go along, and maybe you'll even get a chance to publish this one day, because it'd definitely be worth it :)

Don't get discouraged, though. You still have us! :D

xoxo Suze
5/16/2012 c10 godislove
I am in LOVE with this story, you should see how happy I get when I get a notification that you updated. :D I wonder why more people aren't reading this, it attracted me, and it takes ALOT to attract me, but I don't know :S

I can't wait for your next update, span this story for a long long time please? * I haaate how short the stories are on here!

Your writing is so amazing too, you had my heart beating fast at the end; you really know how make your readers feel the story! It's.. haha I'm speechless. [:
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