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11/16/2012 c57 dress
this story is amazing!
11/7/2012 c57 Guest
Hi, so I read the prologue and the first chapter. In the prologue is sounds like she is having a mid life crisis and her marriage is in trouble. In the first she is happy and loves her life. I am confused but please keep writing because I love this story so much. I kinda formed an emotional bond with the characters. Please write soon :)
11/6/2012 c57 newone
i just can't wait to read what would happen next even though i know it will be a while
11/2/2012 c57 Guest
When I saw how many reviews your stori had I couldn't believe it would be this good. It was, you suprise me :)
11/1/2012 c57 1DuchessYappingDog
Oooh I hope progress on organizing the sequel is going well! I wonder what went so wrong between now and the prologue. So sad to see things fall apart after they finally got together and are happy.

I think if I learned one thing from this story is that when the time comes that I am in a relationship, I should never assume and lie. If my partner has something to say, just listen and respond after they're done. Refusing to listen will get you nowhere because in the end you don't know what they wanted to say is something you wanted to hear or not.
11/1/2012 c56 DuchessYappingDog
Hmm! I wonder what happened... though I suppose I'm not surprised something blew up in her face because, to be honest, she is not very good at listening. In fact she refuses to listen to anything she thinks she might not like. So she jumps to conclusions and runs, and doesn't fight for what she really wants. :( How sad that even after they got married that this is still one of their main problems.
11/1/2012 c8 newone
loved this chapter it was perfect, i cried with crystal
11/1/2012 c25 DuchessYappingDog
Rghhhh! I might throw a hissy fit if he loses his memory like... a Korean drama. Old school style.
10/26/2012 c55 chewy-chocolate-cookie
Oh loooordy lord I can't believe that this is over! I've spent so long glued to my computer screen and have only now had the chance to review! This story really does deserve the SKOW award, good work!
10/25/2012 c27 2LaserStrike
I literally screamed with utter JOY when I read that. Hence my random review this chapter.
Oh God!

This fic pleases me :)
10/24/2012 c55 cherelleallen.17
Totally in love with how this ended. They needed to come together and you wrote it beautifully :)
10/23/2012 c57 6DragonFaeLynn
It's looking good! If she ends up cheating on him, I'm going to be extremely pissed off though. Just saying. ;) Can't wait to read more!
10/23/2012 c41 cherelleallen.17
I know her labor was brought on suddenly by that creep Richard but I was rea
Ly really disappointed that she didn't even try to contact Jake in the 4 HRs she was in labour (or get someone else to), or try afterwards. He missed out on a pregnancy that he didn't even know existed anymore, as well as the once in a lifetime opportunity to see his first born child being born. I also felt it stung a bit to read when Marcus held Aiden. Whilst I think Marcus is generally a good guy it really doesn't sit well with me that he got to hold the baby before Jake. My goodness he even held him before Jen and that's Crystal's best friend. As always great story though, even if I don't necessariy like everything that happens. It certainly adds to the drama
10/23/2012 c35 cherelleallen.17
:O why?! Even if she didn't stay I thought she'd tell him about the baby after that. This chapter does make Crystal look a little (or rather a lot) cruel. :(
10/23/2012 c55 DragonFaeLynn
Great story. I'm almost tempted to read it again. Congrats on your skow award, you deserved it. :)
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