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for Requiem of a Music Box

5/18/2016 c1 12BlackRoseDragon97
I think, believe, and know that this story should be finished. It is really good and rather inciting. Must so like a game of cat and mouse.
3/25/2012 c1 Latin Student
I’m sorry, but your Latin is completely incorrect.

"Iterum revertar ad vos non abscondo."

Literally, “Again, I will be returned to you (the subject? and plural?), I cannot hide.”

The phrase you are looking for is:

“Iterum reveniam ad tē et non abscondis.”

“Again, I will come back to you, and you cannot hide.”

And you could take out the “et” if you want to use a semicolon in your translation.


“Iterum reveniam pro tē et non abscondis.”

“Again, I will come back for you, and you cannot hide.”

It’s best to have a general understanding of a foreign language before using it for a phrase that acts as a focal point for your work. I would connect with someone who has an adequate understanding of Latin grammar.

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