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7/16/2012 c25 7Lady Dan
Thank you for writing this. At the risk of coming off as overly dramatic, I love this story. The combination of the awesome characters and the world you have set up and the plot...! I can't say I dislike any if the characters, even Alim (who I am super interested in, by the way. Despite his facade(?) of arrogance, I am really interested in him!). Also, I am most happy with your pacing. Everything happens at just the right time. In short, I'm completely invested in this story and I'm looking forward to the following chapters!
7/15/2012 c25 2NormaJean Beausoleil
oh, good books to read? let's go by genre of what i've been reading lately:
-SciFi- Frank Herbert- The Dune Saga: I read one dune book each spring/summer. This year, I'm on Children of Dune. As someone holding a political science degree, I love his intellectual political commentary and musings exploring the relationship of church and state. There's also plenty of action and drama, as politically fueled stories are often riddled with intrigues, and mechanized plans of betrayal.
- Non-fiction:
1) Reality is Broken- Jane McGonigal- Dr. McGonigal's expose on video games as a positive influence in our world. She analyses their role on personal, communal, and international levels, showing how the right games applied to the right problems can be immensely beneficial. This book was compulsory reading for all of Upenn's freshmen last year.
2) Extra Lives: Tim Bissel's personal account of videogaming in his life is an informative delight and much quicker and possibly more enjoyable (definitely less formal) than McGonigal.

I've also been on a DreamSpinner Press kick. I get their (multi-formatted) ebooks for $3-5 dollars, often on sale. Favorites include:
-Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane (fantasy) I devoured this book. It's a definite page turner, but also handles intensely personal material with gentle care. I loved it so much, i tracked down the author and wrote her a Thank You email. She very graciously replied and expressed appreciation for such sentiments. :-)
-The Only Gold- Tamara Allen- I read this a while ago. I remember struggling with the protagonist- he got on my nerves the first 1/2 of the book. Most of all, I remember the vocabulary being particularly ?effusive?, succinct anyway. Great read for vocab trolling.
-I'm currently working my way through "The Inventor's Companion," which is steam-punky romance filled with intrigue around a caste system. One protagonist is a merchant, and the other is a sex slave. 'Nough said.

Other reads:
-A wrinkle in Time by L'engle, Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, anything by Jane Austen, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, and The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice (it's in the vampire chronicles, but you can read it on it's own, no problem)
7/14/2012 c25 Evina
I especially loved it when the general finally 'gets it', that there was a very real possibility that Cale likes him "that way" and wanted to stay. It was adorable how thunderstruck he was that he was reduced to something equivalent to 'oh my god', and I love the twist you put on it.

For books, I'd recommend Transformation by Carol Berg. It's a slave-master relationship, and though sometimes it gets brutal, it's not gratuitous. The story is plotty, but what really grabs me are the characters, especially the two main protagonists, and how they build up a relationship of trust and loyalty and it doesn't feel forced.

Also, I have to rec The Liveships Trilogy by Robin Hobb, the first one being Ship of Magic. It's like colonial America but instead of friendly natives, the ones here only seem to tolerate the settlers and have a wary relationship with them. They hold the secret of the forest, and they are the ones with the upper hand. However this status quo doesn't last as the colony's mother country wished to assert a tighter control on the colony, while a rival country wanted to steal it away altogether. And there are ships. And pirates. And dragons. The first book is a collapse into chaos. Most of the characters aren't very likeable, but they are vivid and there's depth to them. And they change. I'd also recommend her other trilogies, but this one in particular for the character transformations, and well, the world building is stunning.
7/14/2012 c25 4Mewenn
The enthustastic reviewer below was me but I forgot to log '
7/14/2012 c25 Guest

I've just read the whole story and it's really, really great. First, I loved Calentine and I loved that he didn't fall in love with the general and had a clearer eye on this relationship and could find it absurd. Then I loved the character as a whole, his speech and constant references to ships and fishing, his very cordial personality and how he can put everyone in his pocket if he gives it a go, his very matter of fact approach. Really one of my favorite main characters.
Then I loved how sweet the general was. How falling in love made an already awesome character with an interesting personality and high moral become this even more interesting character who still had responsibilities but needed to fit them around the new center of his universe. That was really great.
Jara was also a good character with goals that were her own and she wasn't just here ti further her father's interests. She was funny and had depth and I loved how she is this fearsome fighter but still want a man with humor. Really nice.
It would take me ages to list all the secondary characters who deserve some love because all of them were fleshed out (and that is the reason why I cried when the boats burnt, because poor Raphel was in it and though we had just been introduced I felt like I had known him for ages T_T).
The dzalin were a very good addition. They were different enough to not just be, say elves, and to deserve a different name and such and they made sense. There wasn't too much about them that you changed just to say, "here, it's a new race", all the changes made sense. It created a new and interesting people who I really enjoyed learning about with very good tidbits (like the name dzalin, that was a nice touch). So yeah, Dzalins are good. Really really good.
The war and the way they fought it was another nice touch. Because it was different from what we expected and it fit with the dzalin honor and it was a bit ridiculous which is a nice parallel with the way war is ludicrous. So very good too.
And the love story was slow and I love that. I loved how Calantine progressed and came to the conclusion that Asotegi might be a man but he was relationship worthy. And cookies for you for making Calentine think about an emotional relationship before he considered a physical relationship.
I love this and I want it to never end and I am so glad that there will be a third part. Really thank you a lot for being an amazing author who write amazing stories and write them amazingly well. Thanks!
7/13/2012 c25 Guest
Books for you: penndragon series. The color of magic. kite runer. A thousand splendid suns. These are all very different books so if you don't like one rt the another.
7/13/2012 c25 1troubled1
SO TOTALLY FANTASTIC! Oh my sorry I don't normally feel the need to type all in capitals but your story is so wonderful and yummy. I didn't feel like I was reading an unpublished work and fell in total love with ALL of the characters! Even Alim though Calentine was by far my favorite! And the M scenes were fantastic!
7/12/2012 c25 3Luriel
whoo! pirates!
-realises what i just read-
pirates? o.o what's gonna happen? o_o!
haha can't wait. XD

have you read 'Divergent' ? i think the author's veronica roth?
i currently can't think up anything else. gah. when i want to i can't, when i need not, i do. bleh. that book is filled with action romance and more (which i can't bring up to mind just now) and its kinda a dystopian-ish story :)

hmm, oh! and Artemis Fowl! dunno if you know it it is, or rather the main character, is extremely intelligent and a genius - and it involves fairies, but not those fluttery small kind. I definitely support it
7/11/2012 c25 6theStarfly
A double update! That's so nice!
I'm quite glad that you decided to include this sexy tidbit. It was quite delicious.
I'm looking forward to Part III!

As for books to recommend, the books that I've read most recently have been the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Which, despite some of their critiques, were pretty good. The sex scenes were a bit fanatical (a little bit too 'oh goddddd, this is the best thing that's ever happened to me'/'never felt anything remotely as wonderful as this before', but the plot was pretty interesting. The only thing is that if you do end up reading the first one you definitely have to read the second one- it does no good to stop after the first.

Most of the other books that I've read have been online. There's one book that I bought off of Smashwords, although I'm sure you could buy it off of Amazon as well (though only in a Kindle format- the Smashwords copy comes in PDFs and other forms, too). It's by an author called Dani Alexander, and is entitled Shattered Glass. It is a story about a police officer and a hustler, and has a lot of intrigue and sights into the criminal world, which is balanced out by fluff. It's not only a fluffy story; it definitely has lots of plot to spare, and some intense moments (as well as delayed gratification, and a love interest that is much more complicated than a lot of stories that I've read. It's a great read- I've read and re-read it three times in the three months since I bought it, and I think you would really enjoy it. The author has said that she's coming out with a sequel sometime this summer, as well, which is a plus in my book.

Hope you find some good books to read, and I hope that my suggestions help! I'll let you know if I come across any more as I keep browsing.

Which author said the filling your head with a thousand more quote? That's a great quote. I'll have to keep that in mind!
7/11/2012 c25 Guest
I just have to say, and I don't comment much on stories, but I absolutely LOVE this story. It's probably the only story I read on here that I look forward to ever week. When I get home from work, I check my email right away to see if it's updated. All the characters are amazing, the plot keeps me on the edge of my seat constantly, and Calentine and Asotegi are one of the best pairings I've probably ever read.

This is a great story and I can't wait to read more! )
7/11/2012 c25 AsiaLisek
Well done. well done.
Phew, and a very nice -how-do-you-do , lol,

Looking forward to part III
Seems, that were you are concerned my dear, ANYthing can happen!


7/11/2012 c25 40IttyBittyDice
That was absolutely wonderful! I wish I knew a way to be more constructive but this story is too good for me to find any flaws...I greatly anticipate part III.

As for books...There is the banned and the banished series by james clemens, the first book is Wit'ch Fire. It is a very good series, and has many amazing characters who all have their flaws.I would definitely recommend it, but it has a great deal of descriptive gore and violence because the characters are often fighting for their lives, so if you don't want that, then I wouldn't read it. Also, there is The Book Thief by marcus zusak which is one of those books that leaves you wishing for another of the same type. It takes place in Nazi Germany and centers around a girl who steals books...it is sad overall, but there is a great deal of humor, and the narrator keeps you interested. Also, for on here, I would recommend anything by plumblossom! Oh! and Frogs of War! they are both very good authors who enjoy slash in a way that is not limited to seme/uke stereotypes. There are several others I'm sure I'm forgetting...I wish that half the stories I love on here weren't discontinued so that I could recommend them, but sadly, that is not the case. I do have several more to recommend though! I also write poetry, so you could also read some of that if you are interested. I would suggest going through my favorites, I think a lot of them are discontinued, not something I would read twice, or taken down for publishing or for some other reason...it is a lot to go through basically. I wish you luck on finding something good to read, and that you are blessed with all the inspiration you need!
7/11/2012 c25 Starlette420
great add. i love this
7/11/2012 c25 underdone
over the past few months, i've been feeling a lull in the online stories i read.

i either found the the stories uninspiring, the protagonists unlikeable, the writing lacking, or something or another unsatisfactory about them.

this story however, gives me everything i want in a story. i won't mention particular points because this pot would be unbearably long as a result.

what i will say is thank you for this story, and thank you for writing in general.

you are made of awesomeness!
7/11/2012 c25 sk84ndd327r0y
Whoa extremely long sex scene.
It was great.
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