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for The Sailor's General Superior

5/26/2012 c14 3Sayure
It wasn't nice of you to stop here, with each chapter the story is more and more interesting :-)
5/25/2012 c14 Chibikodo
! Don't tell me they mean to burn the ships and don't care a whit that humans are going to die because they're "only humans" because that would be horrible- perhaps Calentine and the General's special ability- whatever it's called, will manifest now? Otherwise I suppose the next chapter will be sad.
5/25/2012 c14 NoSlipCondition
I really love this story, and I shamefully admit I've never missed it on a Tuesday or Friday. haha

I actually don't think there was too much Jara. She's his friend, so it feels to me like we're getting to know how Calentine acts normally when she's around. Plus, she's a soldier, so it makes sense that she's more available to make time with him then the general. Well, this is what I think anyway. I do like the general and their interactions, but it does make sense that Calentine wouldn't be seeing him much during a battle.

Generally though, since I've never reviewed (I'm quite guilty, I apologize), I love how Calentine doesn't quite seem to know what to make of the general's affections. I think it's all very great; I just really like this story.
5/25/2012 c14 Soraa
I love your story, it's great but I agree-it's too much Jara. There is not enough information about the General and too, too much of Jara.
5/25/2012 c14 tmelange1
Too much Jara. These chapters are getting to be 2/3rds interaction with her and less than 1/3 interaction with the general who we barely know. I like Jara but her parts seem like filler, especially when they barely move the story forward. But! The last 1/3 was interesting. More soon, please.
5/25/2012 c13 foothwit
I love this story, hope to see more of it!
5/23/2012 c13 2NormaJean Beausoleil
wonderful chapters again! These characters so delightful. Thanks for sharing. *tosses you cookies for writing stamina* keep up the good work!
5/23/2012 c13 1BrokenSongbird
Is Calentine going to fall in love with him? Not that I think it's boring or anything, I like the fact he doesn't suddenly go "OMG I suddenly love you even though I've never met you and never felt even an inkling of being attracted to men!" but I would like to know if they're relationship will develop into something like it seems to be.

Also I'm a little confused at the relationship he has with Alim, were they lovers, partners, servant and lord, friends with benefits and Alim obviously likes him a lot more?

(it's 23:41 and I've been reading this story ever since I got home, I can't put it down! ;) )
5/22/2012 c13 gyvareva
It was great to have an update so soon after the last chapter! _

I pity Asotegi a little bit, for his sake I hope they work things out. (I love his character : it's amazing how such a strong person's spirit can depend on another)

I hope Cale's powers are going to be revealed soon... it's certainly gonna be more and more complicated to keep the bjefretzing a secret.

And hey, I totally loved when Alim tried to creep in Asotegi's bed again, what with the throwing... XD

5/22/2012 c13 3Sayure
Thank you for this chapter, we are still waiting for the next one.

Your loyal fan.
5/22/2012 c13 28rtle
omg i totally sympathize with derek XD asotegi is beautiful in every way :) but you wont pair him up with derek right... i dont know if ill survive. i think i might cry rivers of tears actually. but im hoping our protagonist is falling for asotegi little by little!
5/22/2012 c13 Vahinepapaya
You got me hooked ! I'm always looking forward to tuesdays and fridays because i know there'll be an update. Thanks for this story!

Favourite part in this chapter :"a whump of something large being tossed across the tent" (v) bye bye Alim !
5/22/2012 c13 tamzingrace
I'm beginning to feel sorry for the general! He never seems to have much fun. Calentine needs to take him out and get him drunk or something, and get him to loosen up a bit. Hopefully Jara sets him right but doesn't crush him with her news. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
5/22/2012 c13 tmelange1
If Calen is not careful, the general's happiness might become important to him. LOL Bravo! More soon please. I'm still dying to know what their talent is, and I think the guy said that it will manifest when the focus is in danger...
5/19/2012 c12 nonaccount
YAY! another chapter. I'm sorry I don't have much to say other than another expression of love and appreciation. :)
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