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5/19/2012 c12 walnutsalmonds
Say it ain't so! Have Asotegi and Alim really been f-ing around under Cale's nose this whole time, or was this Alim's first attempt at seducing the General since Cale's arrival? I really hope it's the latter because I will be shocked and appalled if it's the former. This nighttime visit and groping was rather bold, so it makes me fear it's been a regular event. :( I know Cale doesn't really care but I feel offended on his behalf, especially since it's Alim we're talking about. I don't know if it has been addressed yet, but what the hell did the General ever see in Alim? He may be pretty on the outside, but I can't imagine that it would be enough to ignore the rotten core. Was/is the General really that shallow?
5/18/2012 c12 1littleanemonefish
Oh no! What can Cale do now? Shout his proclamation of love or just hope Asotegi can handle the battle?
5/18/2012 c12 2Haruhiholmes
Just finished the last of my college exams and there was a new chapter as treat :)

I love how Asotegi is growing on Calentine.

And Congrats on the wedding!
5/18/2012 c12 tmelange1
I was waiting for this update. More soon, please.
5/18/2012 c12 xfffxfxfx
Another interesting chapter. The end section was really dramatic. And I have a feeling that bag of gold will come up again.

This whole army segment really reminds me of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
5/18/2012 c12 1Curs3dAngel
5/18/2012 c12 1Lucky Fox
LOL, poor Calentine.

He's so oblivious and slow on the uptake. - LF
5/16/2012 c11 3nonaccount
I am IN LOVE with this! Seriously, I've been thinking about these characters for a couple days now, ever since I first started reading it. :) I can't wait for more!
5/11/2012 c11 tamzingrace
Enjoying the story so far. As far as the way Cale and Asotegi get together, it would have to start with probably Cale giving Asotegi the kiss of life after he fell in the water (although Asotegi is faking nearly drowning after secretly learning to swim!). Looking forward to more.
5/11/2012 c11 xfffxfxfx
"I suspect Rzalez probably sent a polite letter to the Queen, telling her where his troops were headed so she could get the guest rooms and pastries ready for them." This amused me.

The whole set up, with Cale having so much power over Asotegi, reminds me of "The Violet and the Tom" here on FP.

Happy marriage! I hope you have a lot of fun.

And... for them to get together... Asotegi falls in love with the Queen, in spite of everything, and they both go bonkers for each other. Then Cale realizes how much he liked Asotegi all along. And then he remembers a repressed memory about how Maria was a man and he's been gay all along. Then he wins back Asotegi when Rzalez is seiging the city by... hmm... swinging on one of those ropes and picking him up, and taking him out of the city by ship where they organize the resistance forces together and save the day. Whew. That was hard.
5/10/2012 c11 Starlette420
love the new add! I can't wait until Calentine and the general become a couple
5/9/2012 c11 AsiaLisek
CONGRATULATIONS on weddingness! :D (and to your military advisor no less, lol, how romantic,~~~~~) 3
5/8/2012 c11 6theStarfly
I think the least likely scenario would be at a tea party with the queen, Imogene, Jara, and themselves. They crawl under the table after a sugarcube and get turned on by all the stockings they can see under the table.
5/8/2012 c11 3Sayure
Wow marring like really really, good for you, I'm really happy and wish you happiness :-) did I say I love the story? I love the story.
5/8/2012 c11 2NormaJean Beausoleil
least likely scenario where cale and asotegi get together? i would think some romantic confessions happening while cale watches asotegi make a cake. Because I really can't see asotegi, big broad military man, doing something like baking a cake. bonus points if he wears some sort of apron.

but that is jsut silliness.

great chapter. thanks for sharing! brilliant as always. it's interesting to see cale reflecting on a more affectionate perspective of the general. hmmmm...

*tosses you cookies* keep up the good work.

congrats on getting married!
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