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for The Sailor's General Superior

5/1/2012 c9 Arillian
This story is so intoxicating. I more than love it, and I'm so glad for the fast update. I'm actually counting down the days for the next one every time, ha ha. It's one of those gems you're happy you were lucky enough to stumble upon. :3 Thank you for writing it 3
5/1/2012 c9 2NormaJean Beausoleil
the pink haired monk/scholar/mystic was very cute. i love his glasses, i imagine them having an owlish effect.

way to slip in some exposition. great job!

*tosses you shortbread cookies for writing stamina*
5/1/2012 c9 3Vera Dicere
Hahahaha! I do have remarkable timing, apparently. I was musing on that as I read the chapter, because I figured there was no way that this was simply in response to my review, especially given that it was posted so soon after!

Still love this whole premise, and it's really intriguing to see the slow development of their relationship. Can't wait for more! Do you have any idea how long this story will end up being?

Also, towards the end of the chapter, Rejji says "focuses" instead of "foci" (and then switches back to "foci" in the next paragraph). I think that was the only place I noticed that, so just fyi. :)
5/1/2012 c9 FallenWindRider
I believe Asotegi's talent will be in relation to water, ships or navigation. I know from your style that nothing is an unimportant detail. God I just want to go to the sea, the way you talk about it just makes my mind's eye flutter.
5/1/2012 c9 tmelange1
I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I think Calen is developing feelings for the general, he just won't admit it. And the general is hysterical. He's my favorite character. I'm glad they're trying to figure out the effect of the general having a focus, finally. I was beginning to wonder at the big deal. LOL
4/30/2012 c8 Vera Dicere
I finally started reading this story today, and I have to say I'm loving it so far! Calentine is wonderful with his brash sort of friendliness, and Paraz is frankly adorable at times. I find the whole concept of the focus very interesting, although still a little unclear. You explained that foci are always things or people that the vector (which was also a bit unclear, the first time Jara threw it into conversation) has never seen before, and thus the immediate bond, but do foci simply awaken new magics in vectors? I mean, I'm assuming there is a bit more to it, given the whole madly-in-love aspect going on, but it's interesting that a focus can be an inanimate object as well. And that, when it is something living, there is not necessarily reciprocity on the part of the focus. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly making for a much more interesting story given that Cale didn't immediately fall arse over teakettle for Paraz, and my favorite part of romances is watching the build-up, so I'm not complaining; it's just interesting. Is it different when the focus is also dzali? And do foci and vectors bond reciprocally - that is, if one is the focus and the other vector, is the reverse also true? And maybe I'm getting this all muddled up, but I find the whole concept really interesting.

Anyhow. I am happily awaiting the next installment of this lovely story!
4/30/2012 c8 Soraa
Wonderful story.

The last chapter was especially cute.

Thank you for the frequent updates.
4/28/2012 c8 2NormaJean Beausoleil
woot! i like this story very much so far.

i also appreciate that it's only in cale's POV. it's interesting to see how he sees himself changing through his interactions with the general.

can i request histories of cale's previous romantic partners? One part of me wants him to be an innocent virgin, but i think that bubble was already burst in one of the previous chapters. But it would be fun to see the general getting jealous over cale's previous lovers, even though he's had several and has kids. *evil grin* after all, he's craaaazy about cale.

*tosses you cookies for writing stamina* keep it up! thanks for sharing!
4/28/2012 c8 2mistedglass
I adore your writing. And this chapter :)

I was laughing so hard at the end~

"I was out swimming", as if it were completely normal for him.
4/28/2012 c8 17Mieu-san
Oh. OK. I absolutely loved this chapter. Grinned my head of the entire time. Can't really think of anything else to say except that it brightened my day quite a bit and you make me like these characters more and more.

Thank you for writing!
4/28/2012 c8 ohmytuesday
Lovely, lovely chapter (:

The general is unexpectedly adorkable hahaha
4/27/2012 c8 Guest
This chapter was the bestyet. :D It's so much fun to see them together and some parts had me laughing. Thanks for another great chapter :3
4/27/2012 c7 Ranilyn
I just realize I forgot to leave a reply for this chapter when I read it. And I just wanted to tell you I appreciated this looooovely and long chapter on Tuesday. I read it during my spare, and it was so wonderful to have a nice little break. I love how your updates come when I'm most stressed and gives me a chance to unwind while I fall into this fantasy world you've created. :) Also, thank you for updating so quickly again - even just after the extremely nice and lengthy chapter!
4/27/2012 c8 Damien-Rose
this is such an awesome chapter (not that the others aren't they all are and i'm pretty sure i have this same thought ever chapter haha) :) i like it! and yay Asotegi was in the water haha
4/27/2012 c8 1Yrvin Thornhart
LOL I had a hard time reading this story at first. Something about the way you right. It isn't really contemporary, you know. Reminds me of the old hardbound books I see at the back of the library (*cough* like Gone with the Wind stuff *cough*). It took me until chapter five to get used to the style, but it was worth it. I think I'm starting to fall in love with your story. It's just the right amount of subtlety. A change of pace from what I'm used to, but it is definitely interesting.

I have not found anything to critique badly thus far, and I hope to read more from you. Keep the creativity burning bright. You're doing a good job. It's just that most people here are not as patient as some with the way you write. *wink* But don't let this deter you from writing, ok? (The amount of reviews you receive is just deplorable, deplorable I say! You deserve some credit being different!)
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