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for Another Love Letter

4/10/2012 c1 3TheCrystalShip
Hi PetalsFromTheForest,

This was VERY well done. The first and last two paragraphs (the narrative before and after the letter) I found to be a little difficult to follow sometimes. There were a couple sentences that seemed incomplete (i.e. "After so many failed attempts, they had come as close to articulating their feelings as perfectly as possible").

Once you got into the letter, though, it was perfect. The voice was strong and consistent and I got a real sense of the character. The emotional content was strong and very well phrased.

This part stood out to me:

"Love could be taking over me, but I let it do so. I allow myself to drown in these many overlapping feelings-suffocate hourly on them! It is no punishment; it is no terror."

This was a great example of the character's conflicting emotions of love, desire, nervousness, and fear.

Great job on this!

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