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for Is it Photons or a Rainbow?

1/25/2023 c21 knockmeoffmyfeet
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1/11/2022 c8 aliziahnoor
Hi, I really like with the story even I'm not finished yet. But I can feel that you have great writing skill. anyway I want to give you an offer, but may I know your mailing acc? I will be glad that we can talk it at mail. Thanks
7/10/2016 c9 61D. M. Robb
This is another story I could see expanded into something longer. I could practically see everything through the POV character's eyes and felt so bad for the young victim, whose cries for help were tattooed in ink over her arms and shoulders.

Just a couple of minor nitpicks: The line "It will be an open close case, it was Kisling family," should end with a period, not a comma. Also, there should be a "the" in front of "Kisling." I'm assuming by context that this family is fairly notorious.

Also, the second-to-last line seems to shift to Jane's POV. The narrator can guess what she's probably thinking but not know for sure.

Good job overall!
7/10/2016 c4 D. M. Robb
This was an intriguing read. Even though it's short and the POV character unnamed, I had a good sense of who he was and his unusual ability. It reminded me a little of the movie The Sixth Sense. I was wondering why the teen girl's "inner ghost" seemed to be in distress, as well as why the narrator's ghost is "tired and haggard." What had they gone through to cause this?

I could see this expanded into a longer story or even a novel.
7/10/2016 c3 D. M. Robb
This vignette has beautiful imagery and left me with kind of a sad feeling. I was wondering just where this takes place. Since she's ankle-deep in water, I'm picturing either a beach or the shore of a river or lake. It leaves something to the imagination. Good job!
10/1/2015 c18 1Bryanna
I liked this short story very much. Touching and heartbreaking.
8/28/2015 c15 Wolf's Night
Well that escalated quickly. Here I thought it was going to be a cutsie one shot then just BAM: Suicide.

Haha. Well, I liked the writing style anyway, even if I did misjudge the beginning. I wish there was more because now I'm curious about all the characters backgrounds and why the rain boy was so depressed. Though at the same time it feels just about right with the level of detail you had.


4/19/2012 c15 6MorWolfMor
Hmm this one was interesting. I liked it.

I can see so many different ways to go with many of these short stories. They're all unique and very well-written. Great job :)

4/19/2012 c11 MorWolfMor
This one was beautiful...I loved the first comparison of light and dark to music. Being a piano player myself, I can understand that easily. Amazing job, I loved it

4/19/2012 c4 MorWolfMor
Wow, I really liked this. Very unique. Wonderful job


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