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for Two Minutes for Slashing

6/22/2013 c22 Essie
Lol the bane of every writer is silent readers. I hate to say this but i am generally a silent reader. It's only stories i really love that tend to get me wriggling those fingers over a keyboard.

I know this is insane but i still want to believe that Thomas is still alive. Denial stage of Kubler-Ross!
5/21/2013 c21 Essie
No. Seriously? I swear you constantly have me off-balance. I was so invested in Tomas and now he's just gone. Your storyline for some reason has a very good pace. Not too fast or slow. Every word seems to count and i love your writing so keep going - you're doing a great job.
5/19/2013 c21 SUPERTRAMP
Well that was depressing
5/7/2013 c15 3fellintothemoon
Yay! Baby! And lol I think Tomas is the happiest I've ever seen a person after being told that they're being divorced.

But okay that anon caller was... weird. I can't help but think that there's something else going on with that. I dunno. It was just a little sketchy.
5/7/2013 c14 fellintothemoon
That was literally the most adorable thing I have ever read. Very good character development here. It's nice to learn a bit more about them by taking a look into their pasts. Unsurprisingly, they've both not changed their attitudes too much.

Love this chapter (heart).
5/7/2013 c13 fellintothemoon
"Persians?! You're not Greek, what've you got against them?!"

"It's a dessert—a Thunder Bay specialty, you numbskull. You know the only human meat I eat is yours."

*dead on the floor* I'm still laughing.

You write humor like a champ.
5/7/2013 c12 fellintothemoon

My heart is beating very fast because I just jumped around a little. The first 3/4 of this chapter made me so sad. You captured Matt's emotions and his depression well, I think. I feel so awful for him. Not only was his boyfriend horribly assaulted, but he got suspended from the game that he loves.


I'm so glad Tomas is okay though.
5/7/2013 c11 fellintothemoon
This chapter was a rollercoaster ride, man. First of all, I was super sad because Tom Kat and Matt were separated and it was uber sad especially because Matt was doing so shitty.

AND THEN, they were together again for a brief moment and I was like dead on the floor because they're so cute.

But. That assface Dewey ruined the whole god damn thing by being the little twat that he is. Seriously though?! A slapshot to the face?! He's friggen crazy. My dislike for him has gone up 100000000%. And now Tom might not wake up and it's just like a punch to the gut for Matt, I think.

Sad times, Pen.

But again, I'm really floored by your writing style. It's clean and even though there are time jumps, they're executed smoothly and in a non-annoying way (thumbs up)!
5/7/2013 c10 fellintothemoon

That's so annoying! This can't happen! Matt Tomas TOGETHER FOREVER.

But you softened the blow with the cute little lovey dovey scenes which make me fangirl so hard, btw.

-"He falls asleep watching action movies, and starts crying watching the Disney ones!"


Excuse my caps lock frenzy. I had a bunch of coffee today.

But okay. You can't break them up. They can't. It's just. There was like a billion chapters of sexual tension and it's like they just got together D:
5/7/2013 c9 fellintothemoon
Oh gooossshhh I'm sorry! I've been slacking. I stopped at this chapter to go to sleep and then I forgot to continue the next morning XD BUT YOUR PM WAS SO SWEET OMFG I LOVE YOU.

Anyway. Thoughts on this chapter:

-"You really like the sound of your own voice," I commented, hiding no annoyance from entering my expression. "What television station are you with?"

AHAHAH. That's such a Matt thing to do. Like, he doesn't even give a shit that he's just insulted the media.

-"I need you more than you need me."


Okay now let me just take a moment (or maybe 100) to talk about that FRIGGEN RUSSIAN. First of all. HE PULLED A KNIFE. Like wtf, man. That's sooo not cool. Tomas or Matt could've gotten seriously hurt. BUT EVERYTHING IS MADE BETTER BECAUSE HIS CAR IS ON FIRE XD Sweet baby jesus, Harding gets all the awards.
4/23/2013 c19 Essie
Just wanted to say i love this and am tuning in to read. MattJack's such a brat but for some reason adorably loveable. I think it's because he has faults but he doesn't pretend he doesn't and being self aware acknowledges them.
4/22/2013 c18 21rosieroo
This is such a great story! I love all the detail in the hockey side of things, it makes it even more interesting. Can't wait to see how everything turns out!
4/20/2013 c7 3fellintothemoon
Holy mother of jesus this is the best chapter ever ohmygod I can't even.

THEY KISSED OIHNWINFWJ F. I am like dead on the floor. Sorry for the non-descriptive review. It's late but I can't sleep because I'm so into this story and I'm just SOOOO happy that they're TOEGETHER AND TOMAS ISN'T ACTUALLY MARRIED YESSSS!
4/20/2013 c4 fellintothemoon
"Tomas was still pointed towards the bar with his elbows on the counter and his fingers twisting and playing mindlessly with his wedding ring, but his face was turned towards me. It began to smirk maliciously. "You think about me in the shower?""


Shit is gettin' good now. That angry foreign dude is being obnoxious. I wonder what he has on Matt... maybe something about him being gay?

Jesus I love this story.
4/20/2013 c3 fellintothemoon
Hmmm this chapter gave some much appreciated insight into Matt. His father... I dunno what to think about him. I can't tell if Matt's resentment towards him is justified or not, but I'm interested to see what the history between them is.

As for Dewey, I just really want to punch him in the face. Gahhh I hope you don't think alll of America is like that! I'm glad we aren't. I'm still laughing that he got a boner XD He must be having a hell of a time coming to terms with that. And this line:

"My Lord," I spat with extra emphasis just for him, "would you ever fit in, in prison."

Seriously killed me.

Hey! This is progress. I was somewhat familiar with something in this chapter: I've been to Québec before! On a class trip, but still. I think I'm actually learning more about hockey from this story than I do from my sports-crazy brother and father. Maybe I can impress them with my newfound hockey termonology.
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