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for The Fates

5/6/2012 c1 darkershadeofpale
I'm going to assume that there was some link to the Fates of Greek myth - because this poem calls to mind the exact image I have of them in my head (which is part Macbeth, part Disney version of Hercules - though a lot scarier...).

Again, you have this amazing ability to invoke imagery and create such vivid pictures with your words, which I think is quite remarkable.

This is also very, very dark. Which is good. It's kind of refreshing sometimes, to see dark poetry that's actually well written. Nice work :)

4/30/2012 c1 14Self-DissectedPsyche
It's existential, but theological? Maybe. I like that potential facet, and it's a logical extension of existentialism.

But on it's own, I read a vibrantly worded scene of decay and drab which comments on humanity's unnecessary yet understandable fear of death and non-existence. In the final stanza, it is mentioned that meaning can be found beneath the shadows they cast. To me, that says that meaning is found within. While the ending may hint at finding answers, the entirety of the work is about the negative and the decay. A pessimistic metaphor for life? Even if it is not, that is how I read it. I'd like to chew over it a bit longer, but for now, it's a fine description of a landscape with tired and dying people. I like that.
4/30/2012 c1 2nba
I like the last part, Beneath all the shadows, a meaning was found. It is cynically real.

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