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5/7/2014 c10 ThatOneDudeThatsWeird
You have to continue this. I know its kind of a let down when no one reviews but i really like how this one was going. I just started reading some of your stuff and for someone who constantly reads I'll tell you your pretty good.
10/24/2013 c10 8whatdotheydream
Oh, good! He made it! Even if he was late.
6/16/2013 c9 whatdotheydream
NOOOOOOOOOO! How is he gonna work this one out?
2/12/2013 c8 4AlexMegan-chan
O.o cliffhanger? Please say that you will update! Please! This is wonderful!
2/12/2013 c7 AlexMegan-chan
Haha, the twilight reference is adorable. Rhea is such a likeable girl and a total goof. You are a great author, and I love your style.
2/12/2013 c5 AlexMegan-chan
The grocery store part is something I would do.. haha, I love that your characters are so.. Human..

Great story :)
2/12/2013 c4 AlexMegan-chan
I really enjoy this story, I find it hard to follow at times, but interesting, nonetheless. Lovely work :)

7/5/2012 c8 1Silence Is My Answer
so sad! :( but so touching... go alex and rhea! and kayle, cause he's coolness in a cupcake.
6/29/2012 c8 ARulzz
Oh would u just write the rest?
6/28/2012 c8 Guest
Oh...That was really sad!
6/28/2012 c8 JJsMommy29
aww how sad wonder what happened to his brother but can't wait to see what happens next so keep up the amazing work and update soon can't wait to see if she finally wears him down and he starts haning out with Rhea and her friends
5/26/2012 c7 4Heartstrings13
Oh...Alex n Scaelet...hmm...he's missing Rhea. Amilia is a great friend.
5/26/2012 c7 1Silence Is My Answer
aha, sparkle-woman :')
5/24/2012 c7 8whatdotheydream
5/24/2012 c7 6Molkchan
I loved this chappie! I wonder who/what Alex was thinking about out on the balcony.
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