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10/24/2013 c1 EmeraldStorm7
Such emotion... such angst! Love it! This is actually the first story I read on fiction press, I was actually surfing fanfiction when I saw your profile and it was actually the first time I saw someone with a link for a story they penned of fictionpresss and I definitely do not regret clicking on that link now! Great stuff
9/15/2012 c1 2charlie89
That was beautiful. He must have really broke her heart. I love the way she is looking to the positive side, and trying to be stronger. Please review my book Secrets, it would be greatly appreciated :)
8/16/2012 c16 deletedaccount36912
I'm so proud of you. I really am. I've told you from the start that you deserve better than him, and I am so happy that you've finally come to realize that. "Him and his Mrs" can say whatever they want to or about you, but it's all old news now. I mean really. :P It's pathetic that they want to stir up so much drama about it. Anyways, just keep your head up, don't listen to what they say to you, and know that you've left the chapter of your life involving them behind you. Sometimes, we all look back through the storybook of our lives, lingering for a moment on certain pages or chapters, but that doesn't mean that we will try to five back into them.

Now's your time to start a new chapter in your life. Turn a new leaf. I believe in you, and I know it's possible. I have, after all. :)
7/13/2012 c15 Unknown 12345678910
WOW! :) LUV IT! :D I used 2 like this one boy & then I found out tht he smokes weed & that he was 2 years older than me, I remember no matter how mad I tried 2 unlike him it never worked. Bc I had still liked him & I didn't care if he was 2 years older & I didn't care abt all the things he's done such as smoke weed & drunk driving well actually I did. But I looked past & saw a boy tht was sweet. Like they say love is blind. I didn't know if he had liked me but his eyes would always sparkle when he was around me. But anyway I moved on bc it was the right thing z4 me 2 do & besides I realized tht the whole time I liked someone else. So that's my lil short story abt an old crush
6/11/2012 c15 deletedaccount36912
I see what you mean with this one. Remembering involves looking back on past experiences with a person and seeing them with the knowledge of what you know now versus what you know then. The thing that sucks about liking a guy is that when we get the chance to look back at these things, we sometimes might see what could've been. I've learned through my own experiences (which are still ever-growing) that you eventually just have to let it go, as I see that you have. And I'm just the same as you in one respect as far as the dreams/fantasies go: I look upon them now not as "what could've been with so-and-so", but "what could be with someone I've never met". While I don't see them as possible anymore with David, I'm sure that they could be a reality one day with someone else. This was lovely and reflective, and everything was very nicely worded. :)
6/5/2012 c13 deletedaccount36912
Everything about this is so completely true. You're right about all of that; I agree. The way you write your poems is so cool. It's got this...flow to it (I'm not really sure how to describe it) that makes it easy on the eyes to read. This one is definitely one of my favorite shorts that you've written for this, so job well done! I love it. :)
6/4/2012 c2 1Nixi Stasia
There's a boy I've liked all my life too! It's a weird feeling isn't it!

Awesome poem!

Peace Out! dandelion oak
6/4/2012 c1 Nixi Stasia
This is really good and describes how loads of people around the world feel!

Peace Out! Dandelion Oak
5/21/2012 c12 deletedaccount36912
Did this really happen? Please say it did! :D OH MY GOSH! I have such high hopes for you and him. This chapter was beautifully written, and I know I've said this before, but I really do adore your writing style. :)
5/19/2012 c11 deletedaccount36912
I agree with you, it was short, but it was most definitely NOT sucky! If what you wrote is how you feel, then that's how you feel. A lot of people feel/have felt that way, too, I'm sure. Like sometimes whenever I would get around that guy, I would start talking louder and higher-pitched, and my words would come out quicker and I'd start bouncing up and down a little bit. It happened so much so, in fact, that my friends nicknamed me "Tigger". (ーー;)So, you may not have written a lot for this poem, but what you have written says enough. I liked it! :)
5/17/2012 c10 deletedaccount36912
Sweet. Those new chapters were just lovely. Your writing is exceptional! I haven't seen a single spelling or grammar issue! Awesome! :) These are very good! You are so awesome at what you do it's CrAzY! (_)

I'm so happy for you and for your step toward telling him. I believe in you, girl. You can do it! And a song? That's really cool! :D

Also, I wrote some stuff like this when I thought I was in love with that guy (around 8 or 9 short little stories) and I think I'll post them, just for kicks. Hrm... Maaayyybeee... :P

Anyways.. You are amazing and I'm honored that you are considering my advice. :) I can't wait to read more, and hopefully soon you'll have a resolution to this! _
5/16/2012 c7 deletedaccount36912
Hello! I wanted to tell you that your story really touched me. I completely understand where you're coming from with all of this. I've been through something sort of similar, so I'll give you the short, condensed version of it.

I started liking this guy about three years ago when he moved to my school. He's so sweet; he's always helping someone with something. I realized then how alike we were, and I sort of observed him a little bit. I ws too shy to talk to him because I was uncomfortable with myself (I was short and kinda pudgy, which made me feel ugly in any clothes I wore) and because I was too nervous to say anything to him.

Then eight grade came around and I still felt the same way. I did better that year, I actually talked to him and found myself capable of carrying on conversations with him. After we started sort of becoming friends, I tried to ignore my feelings and got myself a boyfriend, but it just didn't work out (not because of that, for different reasons..).

I remember in my math class one morning, before my friends all came in and were in their seats, he came up and asked me if it was true, if I really was dating that guy, who was one of his best friends at the time. I told him yes (I wasn't going to lie to him, obviously) and he just looked down, nodded, murmured, "Yeah, he's a good guy." and walked away. I didn't understand what had happened. But then a couple months later, I broke up with the guy because he was always ignoring me, etc., etc. and we started being friends again.

This year, ninth grade, everything changed. Over the summer, I did marching band and lost all that extra weight, and I started messing around a little bit with makeup. I hadn't really seen him during summer band so I figured that he'd quit or something, and I was slightly disappointed. But that was okay; I was pretty sure I was over him (because they say that if you don't talk to or see a person that you like for a whole month that the infatuation will fade). Then he showed up for band and I realized, with a heavy heart, that I still liked him. If anything, my feelings had only grown stronger!

I got lots of confidence this year thanks to a new look and wardrobe, as well as the change of scenery (from middle school to high school) and I started just going up and talking to him. I discovered that we really were as extremely alike as I'd thought, and I was happy about that fact. Over thanksgiving break, he asked me for my number (I squealed and jumped around FOREVER before I actually gave it to him) when we were Facebook messaging, and we texted non-stop over the break. When we got back to school, we had learned so much about each other that we just sort of started walking together a little bit more, discussing our interests and such. It was great.

I was over the moon with happiness! He was always looking my way when I peeked at him, he seemed really interested in what I had to say; I honestly thought that he liked me as much as I liked him. But then he started getting distant - just walking the other way when I came close, ignoring my text messages (I didn't blow up his phone or anything, either!), and stopped talking to me. I was hurt, to say the least.

I confided in one of the seniors, who's friends with both of us, and told her what was going on. She told me that 1) he knew he liked me, and 2) that he had liked me at the beginning of the year but that his feelings were going away because I wasn't acting on mine. I didn't know what to think, but I decided to play it safe and plan out what I was going to do next.

Eventually, I decided that I'd had enough of his cold shoulder. Over spring break I asked him what was wrong and he pretty much said, in a nutshell, "I found out you liked me, it was awkward because I thought we were just friends, and I didn't want to hurt your feelings." I confessed that I did like him, and he's just been on his toes around me ever since.

By the way, this was not supposed to freak you out! I'm saying that I figured out the truth (I still don't know if he ever really did like me or not, but I guess that really doesn't matter. Dwelling on the past does nothing to help you move toward the future.) and that I was able to get over him. I still like him, but I think it'll be done and truly over with by next year. I think you should just flat-out tell this guy, because based on what you've written it sounds like he might like you! But I don't know him, so I don't know for sure, but still. There really isn't any harm in knowing. Trust me, I know from experience that you won't be able to move on until your absolutely certain about feelings on his part or not. Don't let yourself get all torn up about this guy, because trust me, things will get better and you really will be able to get over him.

Sorry about the super duper long review but I had to tell you this story and give you that advice. Do what you will with it from here, but you might wonder about all of these "what if"s for a long time. I know how embarrassing and mortifying it is to tell the guy you like how you feel, but I believe that if I could do it, you can, too! :)

Good luck with this and I'll continue reading this as long as you continue posting.
5/12/2012 c5 10Nami98
this is sooooo adorable and sweet and sad at the same time! gahh, omg!

i hope you update again soon(:
5/12/2012 c5 1444musicfreak44
These are wonderful poems and writings. I like how you wrote from experience and true events, seems more from the heart :)
5/11/2012 c1 25whisper queen
Omg, so true. And good job! You put all you needed to say into just a small chapter. Nice work.

Keep writing! :P
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