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6/3/2012 c3 46SwimmingThroughExistance
is cameron digging his own grave with that last decleration of his? or are jessica and raphel meant to be? you won't tell m, will you?lol

great chapter!
6/3/2012 c3 5F. T. Reyes
I'm guessing Cameron is going to break his promise, eh?
6/3/2012 c2 F. T. Reyes
You are SO good! Your writing style is so on point. On to the next chapter
5/20/2012 c2 Make Your Mark
Cool story! I hope you update soon! :)
5/19/2012 c2 46SwimmingThroughExistance
very well writen. leah IS a bitch, and you seem to have written her well. update soon
5/19/2012 c2 foreternity
ohhh and the plot thickens. i cant wait! :D update!
5/19/2012 c2 LikeAppleLove

This story was amazingly good. The plot seems completely different to anything i've ever read before and no typos, god typos are sooo annoyingly distracting. The characters all have depth, miracle!

Also leah is a snooty bitch but can't wait for next chapter to meet the 'third richest' family and also hopefully to find out soon who killed her mum! Update soon! XXX

5/19/2012 c2 conti siegel
update soon
5/19/2012 c2 4charminglyxquirky
Omg, great beginning. What the f-Leah's an absolute beezy. How horrid. And oh my gosh, poor girl. Ah Beaumont... I have a feeling that the "beautiful creature" will fall for her! :D
5/19/2012 c2 5Mikazukiful
WOW! I really really enjoyed this. It's different and nice and i really want to know what happens now (though i've got a suspicion ;) ) Keep it up and update soon! x

5/19/2012 c2 1DNDKS2
usually i don't like stories like this but this one seems great so i am very excited for the next chapter!
5/14/2012 c1 46SwimmingThroughExistance
this is ... wow... i have no words... great beginning, cannot wait for the rest. no grammatical errors as far as i could see:D again, this is an AMAZING idea
5/13/2012 c1 5F. T. Reyes
Wow. You have to update this! This sounds like one of the good ones on this site! Please update.
5/6/2012 c1 32The Siege
Oooh, intrigue and suspense! I like.

So the summary sounded really interesting and I hoped to find a good story and I was not disappointed! This sounds like a great plot. Can't wait for updates!

Just curious, if Karen Klein is Evil Bitch #2, then who's Evil Bitch #1? Or will we be meeting her soon?
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