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for The Wild Side (SLOWLY EDITING)

3/1/2018 c5 5marzmez
In the last chapter they were going out to eat. In this one they stay home. Different days? Or inconsistency?
8/28/2014 c1 4Lolitroy
10/17/2013 c38 1Vampluver96
when is the second book coming out? i cant wait to read it
10/13/2013 c38 2PaintedPicture
*other reviewers, spoiler alert in this review*
I hope he comes back in the second story, I don't know how or anything but she deserves to be happy and not lonely she needs blake and we all know it. I had this strange feeling from chapter 31 that you were going to kill him off I had to skip and read it to confirm it and once I did, I didn't have the courage to read anymore. I loved your story, in a few chapters there were small errors such as think instead of thing and lose instead of loose. Other than those I was very pleased. She got a little annoying with her self wallowing and lack of confidence but who wouldn't be that way after her up bringing. I loved the detail, sometimes it was a little too much, but overall it was a great for picturing the images you were trying to portray. When I write at times I purposely try to be vague in order to let the readers imagination that over, it could be a useful tool for you in some times, but I loved the way you wrote this story. Keep it up!
9/22/2013 c37 Virginia writer
Just read your prologue and extras! As always very interesting. I do hope the Wild side somehow is not finished! I want to see Anastaia get her revenge on Vldamir . Very interesting and philosophical quotes. They provide an insight into what a good person you are! Hope you continue to write! Private message later.
9/14/2013 c36 Virginia writer
A super sad and once again a well written chapter! Loved the introduction of Blake's grandmother! Also man you make it easy to hate Vladamir! Can't wait until he dies! I guess I will have to find out in the next chapter huh! :) also the story continues with lots of plot twist. Royalty huh! How fascinating. Al always lots of emotion and detail. Life can be hard and this chapter shows the reader that harsh reality! Private message soon!
9/7/2013 c1 4Lady Tara Antonette
I really enjoyed this prologue. It was wonderful and set the reader up for a great story, that will not only be an amazing one to tell, but also be the story that is within the heart of any reader who takes the time to read it!
9/2/2013 c35 Virginia writer
Great chapter. So powerful! I hate Vladamir! I want revenge! I hope Anastaia goes ballistic and kills him. On to the next chapter now? Once again a long and detailed chapter! Very enjoyable but now I am so mad! Great writing! On to the funeral!
8/28/2013 c34 Virginia writer
Another super good chapter! I always enjoy your attention to the detail. What I really liked however was the suspense you created for the next chapter, I am so curious about the big secret being kept from Anastaia! It must be very important and clearly is a big part of the story! I also liked the historic references to Vladamir? The whole story is really coming together. All sorts of interesting subplots. I knew asatasia and Blake would get caught by the way. Love the interaction and conversation between her parents Blake and Anastaia! Finally the peace at the end of the last chapter was nice!
8/27/2013 c35 2PrincessofAtlantis
Oh, god, oh god /3
8/26/2013 c35 meggan-sa
The chapter started off so well then that ending? That was so heart breaking what she had to go thru why did the other wolves not help him?they new Blake was going to him and knew how dangerous he was! Cant believe he is dead :'/ maybe it was just a nightmare? Please update soon! Really love your story!
8/25/2013 c35 19Alaeryel
NO NO NO AND BLOODY FU**ING NO! YOU DID NOT JUST DO THIS! I had an idea you might kill him off Night BUT I KEPT PRAYING I would be wrong! I am BAWLING my eyes out and cannot catch my breath! I DO NOT HATE YOU but I am EXTREMELY HEART BROKEN! Is this suppose to be the end of the story? If so, do you have a sequel in place or thinking of for this story? DAMN IT TA HELL-I am in a major TIZZY and CONUNDRUM HERE! She finally comes out of her awkward shell, finally becomes who she should have been and now this!

BRILLIANT JOB with the writing girl!
8/25/2013 c35 ismail95
8/17/2013 c34 Alaeryel
ABSOLUTELY and UTTERLY AMAZING chapter here Night! It had me crying, grinning, gasping and laughing out loud! It was BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN and again with POETIC NUANCES that just melted my heart! I am so happy for both Blake and Anastasia BUT I nearly DIED when I found out that no one in the werewolf culture knew she existed-I CANNOT WAIT to learn more about that! Vladimir knows now and I see some BIG issues coming. I also have to wonder that although she hasn't been able to change and appears to be human IF BY CHANCE there is a chance she will change eventually-DAMN I have so many scenes running in my mind and wondering if any of them coincides with how and where you are planning to take this story-I AM BEYOND EXCITED to find out!
8/16/2013 c33 Alaeryel
OMG-I wanted to expire when I finally found out more about Blake's past and about Vladimir! My heart broke for the child that he was and appalled at the young man he became and thrilled with the apparent changes he is making here. I am glad Oliver and Diane are reserving their judgment about Anastasia and Blake's relationship but I can't wait for more of his story to come out. I have to also admit it must be pretty bad for Melissa and Daniel to feel the way they do too-bloody hell girl-my curiosity has just sky rocketed! WHAT EXACTLY is it her parents are hiding from her? What is it about her that Vladimir hates her and blames her for? YOU HAVE DONE ONE HELL OF A JOB with story in its completeness-plot, characters, personalities, angst, etc-OUTSTANDING PERFECTION!
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