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5/13/2012 c1 Shadows of a Dream
This is really beautiful, and has a very poetic feel. :) It's difficult to find decent stories on this site, and I really like this!

Also, while I respect that you are agnostic (and I certainly can't force you to change your mind,) I'd encourage you to research why you think what you think before you come to a decision. After all, God can only be two things: if He's real, He's infinitely important; if He's a big lie, he's worthless. The only thing He can't be is /kind of/ important. I'd look into the evidence before you make up your mind.

Anyway, this is my favorite part of the fic: "It is revealed. The perfection of the world. In its simplicity. There is no machine, no artificial thought, no complication, no worry. Merely life. Passing with time. Streaming past. A feather drifting along a river. So fragile. So beautiful. So unaware of its path. It will end. But in this moment...beauty is real." It's just... beautiful in its simplicity. It has great impact with those words, and you really do feel the peace that the character meets while reading that. A great piece, really.

Write on! :)

P.S. Just published my first fiction press story, so if you're ever bored, I don't have any reviews yet, so... yeah. Just saying.

- Shadows

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