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6/22/2012 c2 1CubiaK
I really like it, please keep it up. Very complicated, but that's not a bad thing. Send me a message on twitter if you want to put it on my website, .
6/18/2012 c4 5Ava Ericsson
Hehe ur very welcome Crazytay! I'm happy to help. Brilliant chapter again and I think a chapter in lidano's view would be interesting. ;)

Keep it up!

6/6/2012 c3 Ava Ericsson
loved it! Brilliantly done! :p You really are an amazing writer.

Onto the next one! hehe
5/27/2012 c3 2Creativity101
I hope you update this soon!
5/15/2012 c1 5SherlocktheDebatable
gripping story so far. looking forward to the next chapter. so many thoughts rushing through my mind. :)

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