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for A Hand in Hell

4/27/2021 c1 Guest
I like the setup here
12/31/2014 c19 Nejie
It was horrible and freaky at first. Damn, the torture. Well, what can we expect from a demon? I would like to know if its Stockholm Syndrome, or its genuine - the feelings that Dexter had. It felt rush, abrupt that Lauren would change how she feels and care for the demon. It seems that way because we never read about her inner thoughts unlike Vera. You might entertain the idea of writing a sequel. You cam definitely explore a plotline where Satan found out this forbidden affair and tries to end it. Or maybe that's too over the top. Maybe we could have little Veras running around, creating havoc in the human world. That may be fun to write, don't you think so?

I rarely read supernatural stories with a demon as a main char in femslash category in fictionpress so im truly impressed and captivated with your work.

Brilliant writing. I hope you share more of your talent.
2/21/2014 c19 3ErzaKnightwalker1376
this was just... brilliant! i've never once read a story of a demon finding love in a human that they would've made a meal out of... i seriously would love it if you'd consider writing a sequel to this because as screwy as Vera and Lauren's relationship was, i'd like to see where it would go in the future.
5/31/2013 c19 7Arkenn
Gotta admit, this started off freaky, got freakier and then kinda gross and then ended really, really cute.

But still she gon' kiss that lady after she ate those demons? Yuck.

Really liked this story even if I didn't realize how quickly it was going by. There aren't that many femmeslash stories with demons in them like this and I was really happy to find this one. I somewhat like how Vera didn't change that much from the beginning (except for being less murderous) and how she remained kind of cool and devious.

Great story and I would love to read more from you!
3/21/2013 c1 Guest
I would like this if it wasn't for the heterosexuality. Gross!
3/3/2013 c13 Anon
Great chapter! Can't wait to see how the date plays out between those two. Hopefully some smexy action will ensue ;)
1/16/2013 c12 Love in All Forms
It has been a while. But great :)
11/20/2012 c11 Love in All Forms
Great chapter. So happy you gave a new update.
9/24/2012 c9 Love in All Forms
Wait well worth it. Keep up the updates
8/24/2012 c8 Love in All Forms
I am on the edge. I gotta know what happens. Update SOON! -Jennifer
8/24/2012 c1 13L the wolf man
i love this story
8/12/2012 c7 High.on.life
don't know why but I found it funny she would try and stab her with a butter. Loved how Dexter's attempt to leave the coller were cut short. So.. uh update soon
8/10/2012 c7 Love in All Forms
Awesome chapter.
8/1/2012 c6 High.on.life
Her leash being replaced with a coller was enough to get me fan girling, what's more is that you added a little, silver bell. At the end Seeing Vera with more "sinister" plans for Dexter made fell me giddy. I'm quite curios to see how a romance will blossum between our lovely ladies.
7/27/2012 c5 High.on.life
Well usually I'm not into gore but I just loved this fic and Carly (not sure if I got it right). I'll admint I secretly enjoyed Carly keeping Dexter on a leash, this fic bidazzel me I hope to be reading more soon.
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