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for My demon's heart

5/17/2015 c3 Rin Eve Klein
Chapter 2&3 are the same
8/26/2012 c6 Mayori
Hi :D
Nice update! ...And I still haven't updated mine, sorry ;
BTW, I spotted some mistakes, nothing major, but still it may be better to correct them, yes?
Spowted should be - Spotted
Replay - Reply
And I think that using disagreement instead of agreement would be better.
Loving where this is heading, and waiting for your next update XD
7/20/2012 c5 Mayori
Well, is it only me or is Ciel's relationship better with his family? *OMG! just jk*
At any rate good chapter; I'm seeing a lot of improvements!
And you're updating rather fast! Can I take that as a sign you passed? :D *Crosses fingers*
7/19/2012 c5 5soullessbitch
awwwww so cute -)
7/11/2012 c4 soullessbitch
i loved it and hope you plain on writing more of it :)
7/3/2012 c1 4ohsocyanide
There are certain parts of this that really stand out, where your English sounds completely natural and flows well. Concentrate on that, and never give up. You're brilliant enough to master two languages, so hopefully English will be a piece of cake for you. :)

The fact that the engaged marriage is between two brothers is intriguing and somewhat funny. I normally don't review stories with supernatural themes, but the M/M add on always has some promise!

Instead of the his/my mom usage, you might try our mom. It flows better. Myself, yourself, himself, herself. It's all one word! :)

Keep working!

6/30/2012 c2 Guest
Hi, Mayori here! First of all, omg! You have made a huge improvement! Everything from your grammar to your Spelling became better! You became so much better than before! As a person reading this story since it was first posted, I am very happy! I wish I could have helped you more :(
Well, I hope you did good in your exams. If you want to reply to this review, just use my old review aka the one above (or below XD) this one.
With love, Mayori
5/19/2012 c2 Mayori
I like this story! I feel like the idea is very original and entertaining, however, the story will be better if you improve the grammar. Also the story's a bit confusing; who and what is Kilme, and what is his relation with Ciel's parents? Also, it's recommendable not to use brackets.

Looking forward to the next chapter, and thanks for the review you left at The Lover's Prince!

P.S. I hope Ciel's siblings from Kilme's side devise some sort of plan to get him back, just for some drama .

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