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for Forever Looking For What Was Lost

2/26/2014 c2 4R. Ficst
I absolutely love reading Cole's point of view. Especially since all the Brigade and vampire stuff comes out only much later for Jade, it's very interesting to see how he functions when he's got this stable job and managing his rogue side. It's very secret-agenty. It's also really fun to watch his attraction to Jade grow - and entirely so far because of her own unique self. I would love to read much more of this if you'll post it.
7/13/2013 c2 StarsAngel
Its really good reading from a another POV after Jades you should carry on with the story would love to see what he was thinking all along
Looking forward to when you post again hope its soon.
4/4/2013 c2 Alpha Cally
I have 2 admit I thought the book was going 2 be boring but u proved me so wrong I LOVE both of ur books I am so into them please can u continue writing them I love Jade she is cool :)
2/25/2013 c2 DarkHorseLover
Update please?!
2/13/2013 c2 19Alaeryel
Oh man Cirya-I also enjoyed this but wishing there was more to read. It is very very interesting to see things from Coles pov. I would also enjoy maybe incoroporating another sequel regarding a take off with another romance between other members. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these stories!
1/16/2013 c2 KittyPimms
I just started re-reading FWNAA now that it's complete so getting to see into Cole's head is a real treat! If you did continue it, I'd love for you to post what you have :)
10/12/2012 c2 Mazarine
con . tin . ue. 0.0
8/31/2012 c2 5arashi-chan12
Yes yes yes yes yes please please PLEASE continue! I always classified Cole as somewhat of a rare animal who was mysterious, evasive, and hard to understand. I just love getting a peek at his mind as he goes through the story and interacts with Jade and others, especially since I've already gotten to see it from Jade's POV. u I will be very VERY dissapointed if you don't continue... ;; Hope to see more of it soon (super please)!
7/13/2012 c2 Shadow Kissed Twilight
Personally, I like it. I like that we really get to get into his head- being that in FWNAA, you don't exactly know what the Hell is going on in that big head of his. :]
7/10/2012 c2 devs
I'm entertained... but what about where FWNAA left off? Will you finish Jade and Cole's story?
7/8/2012 c2 2Eternally Immortal
I, for one, am really liking this! It gives you a look at what's going through Cole's head so that he's nit as much of a mystery as how he came of to Jade. I want to know what goes though Cole's head so please keep writing this! :D
7/7/2012 c2 8Hayley Jade Alisdair
Keep posting! It's always fantastic to hear what the other side are thinking! Great chapter :D
7/6/2012 c1 Hayley Jade Alisdair
Can't wait to hear more of Cole :)
6/25/2012 c1 3StaNdUPtomE
Can't wait to learn more about Cole! Update soon!

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