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10/22/2012 c1 Bella Sullivan
I have been reading your books since the beginning and I absolutely LOVE them. I adore all of your characters, and I sincerely feel as if I live in the world you have created when I read your chapters.
8/31/2012 c50 1lobsterwife
Ahhdfjdhfjd so sad :( Hayden you're fantastic. I hope he does have a good life. God knows he deserves it after what's happened. I mean, he wouldn't want to let Steinorth down. Ughjdhfjd so many feelings. I can't wait for the next book, especially since you said it would lighter haha. This book was really dark man. Lots of sad parts that made me cry ;A; And the Sons/Elena have been through A LOT. I just want to send them on a vacation. Can't wait for the next book! Also congrats on your nomination! I went and voted :)
8/31/2012 c49 lobsterwife
Hmmmmm I'm a bit way of this Wood guy. Maybe because I'm so attached to Hayden? I don't want him to take his place :( Also he seems too nice! But... I think I didn't trust Hayden either when we first met him? I don't know... I just don't trust him haha. And speaking of Hayden we get to see him again :D I miss him a lot. Poor guy. I hope he gets a happy ending.
8/31/2012 c48 lobsterwife
Oh man poor Turner :( So I guess the reason he can't feel emotions properly is because of his head? That's so upsetting, but it's an arc I'm interested in. I'm curious to see how Turner's character develops further after this. Also COOOOOLE. He's my favorite omg. I love him so much. His dumb heroism is so charming. It's great to see him basically take one for the team, and keep his Thar. Gahhh I love him. Also I'm interested to see if this Irena girl shows up in the next book? I would assume so.
8/31/2012 c50 FaseUnit
WooHoo! My nomination was accepted!
8/22/2012 c46 tam
I cried... so much... :(

Really well written, although I'm wondering if Elena will remember it all? I would have trouble... and she doesn't have the best memory does she... then again this is a serious sort of thing... maybe she would remember it all. (Ramble much?)

Anyway, hanging for the next update - have been checking email almost every hour today waiting for it. :p
8/20/2012 c45 lobsterwife
are yOU KIDDING ME? OH SMJJSHFJS. Just when I thought things were getting better. How foolish of me. Of course all of this BAD stuff would happen ;A; Being an optimist is not doing me any good. And oh no HUNT YOU BETTER NOT THREATEN ANYA. For some reason I'm feeling sort of protective over her. Ahhhhdjfhjdf. I hate this. Sage :( Steinorth :( :( Everything is so miserable. I guess things needs to be dark before they get better. But I still feel like this is the darkest timeline.
8/18/2012 c44 lobsterwife
IT WORKED. Ahhh that's so crazy :O I want to believe Elena's intense pleading helped out in some way haha. That whole thing with Quentin and Lawson's Thars being dead makes a lot of sense now. No wonder the Others were so careful with Sage back then. Hmm so that means Turner is in the clear too? I think we've gotten this whole thing figured out! Hopefully the fun times can begin soon? Hmm hmmmmm? Obviously Hunt it still not totally defeated, but at least he's cursed. (Totally unrelated, my shipper feelings were through the roof this chapter, because ruhghdjfd Elena being so touchy feely with Phinn makes my heart hurt, and you're probably sick of me gushing over them, but I can't help it ;A;). I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm always excited about this story haha.
8/17/2012 c43 lobsterwife
Perfect chapter siiiigh. We got some good action, Phinn/Elena cuteness (sob I'm so sorry I just love them), and an awesome cliffhanger. Woaaah what's going to happen with Hunt and Steinorth? I'm really excited to see how this fight pans out. We only have a few chapters left until the finale. I'm super nervous ahhh! Will the remote cursing work? Will we find out why Hunt's acting so weird? Sob I love how gentle Phinn and Elena are sometimes. I just want to cry. Why must I ship the things I do? My heart...
8/17/2012 c42 lobsterwife
Here it comes oh my goshdshds. The final showdown! This chapter raised a few intriguing questions. Mainly what the hell is Hunt planning? I am seriously considering split personalities over here haha. I mean, that's so strange how he wants some Sons dead, but not others? I hope Hunt has some huge villain speech where he answers all my questions. Or I will POUT! Things I Loved: Sage. Oh girl. You and I could hang out. Her little thing about Steinorth ohhh boy. That girl gets me haha. And I also loved how all the Sons have dance halls. For some reason the thought of the Storms having a dance hall makes me snort with laughter. I'm sure it was rarely used haha.
8/17/2012 c41 lobsterwife
What's going on? Hunt's just throwing everything to the wind now isn't it? But for what reason? Another one his mind games, perhaps? I'm a bit worried to be honest. It's true, Hunt has been working to a formula for the past few books. Why the sudden change in tactics? I have nothing to offer. Hm.. Also I like the progression of Sage and Elena's "friendship", and I hope they spend some more time together. I can't get enough of female friendships. And I like how Hayden and Steinorth are sort of opposites in the way they handle things. The Sons need that leader type though, and I wonder if they'll ever have to do without either of them? Who will take over? Hmmmm...
8/17/2012 c39 lobsterwife
Argdhfjd you're so good at ending chapters on a cliffhanger (good thing I can easily read the next chapter though :D). I was so happy to see everyone okay, but THEN OH GOD NOO. Phinn's gone ;A; Of course that stupid boy had to get himself kidnapped. And in his state of health too :( :( :( I swear, this is like the last time he was kidnapped by Hunt. I was so worried ahhhh. I hope he's okay. I feel like Elena, pleased about Turner's apparent recovery, but then stressing out over Phinn's kidnapping. JEEZ. Why can't everyone stay in the same place for once? Can I just say how much I love Elena throwing herself into danger. That girl is fearless.
8/17/2012 c38 lobsterwife
Oh godfjdk I am not confident that Steinorth is going to survive an encounter with Hunt. But maybe that's me being nervous over everyone's well-being. This books keeps slapping the Sons & Co. around, and I just want book six to be happy fun times. I'm glad Elena and the others have an idea about how to get rid of the Thars. Using alcohol reminds me of ALLLL the way back in book one, when Elena killed a demon that way. Doesn't alcohol make the demons corporeal? Hmmm... so if they were drinking, might the Thar have become corporeal and something happened to kill it off? That's the variable I'm not too sure about.

Ahhh I know the other Sons are going to be subjected to Hunt's stupid mind games, so I don't have much hope for them ;A; But ahdhfjhdj I hate that everyone is so down in the dumps/kidnapped/hurt. It makes me miss book one when the only concern were the Others, and who would take the Clouds. Sigh.
8/13/2012 c40 lobsterwife
Ugh I haven't reviewed in a long time :( I feel really bad about it, but I've been so busy with school coming up, and since it's summer vacation I'm lazy as heck haha. But I've been reading every update! And I'm super worried over everyone, which isn't anything new. This book is just kicking the crap out of everyone. Hayden's out of commission which is super bad. Turner and Phinn are out of it. Sigh, I hope things start getting better because I'm so concerned over everyone. And the Lawson/Elena scenes rip my heart out because gahhh. I feel bad for Lawson, the poor thing. I also feel bad because I'm secretly rooting on Elena's Phinn-feels, and that's not fair for him haha. Anyway, I sent you this on twitter, but I'm not sure if you saw it urgh. I drew some fanart for you series because it's brought me so much joy ;A; Hopefully you can tell who the characters are. It's the three girls. post/29332726897/girls-day-out-characters-from-chesterfields
8/3/2012 c35 1Dashita Tichou
Poor Elena... She's too kind hearted for this kind of stuff...
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