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for Theme for an Imaginary Western (revised)

6/5/2001 c1 RCCarpenter
Ah, I always liked this one. I didnt reread the other one so I can't tell what you changed. But I enjoy this story a lot. The only line that seems out of place (or rather OOC) is when Violet says "That's ok, it is a mangy place." It just seems too... I don't know. Not her. Maybe just agreeing with him would work better. It just threw me off a moment. Note Ex- You can just upload it over the old one. Right now, you have two up of the same story and if FF.n people dont look to see that one's revised, they might take them both down. Word of the wise to ya. Keep posting! I love opening my mail to "New story from Ex!" Until! Ollie

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