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for You Are My Only Family

5/25/2016 c17 6Collins-A
Not gonna lie, bit creepy that Scott is shivering from a kids touch to be pelvic bone..
5/20/2016 c7 3Fryvi
This is so cute! x)
And I like how you've written James so far. He seems quite realistic as a kid
4/2/2016 c14 Old fragrance
Hi !

I love your story so far !
So, a native french and a pmr intern (what was the chance ? :) ) i decided to take it upon me to correct your french.
First of all, it s pretty good. I only took notice of three mistakes, you saoule use instead :
-"je me rappelle de toi, Pierre." but you could use "je me rappelle de vous, Pierre" if you want it to be more polite. Usually children use "vous" when adressing adultes other than family.
-Je t'ai rencontré tu étais si petit...
"-Quelle matière, quelle couleur" it s female so you need to use quelle et non quel :) and fabrique is not the translation of fabric, it s tissu or matière
Otherwise it's pretty good :)

Forgive me if there is english mistakes, i m still not entirely fluent...
Please keep on writing, it s really a good and funny read :)
3/24/2015 c43 samekraemer
Again...lovely. Great spin for the epi. Thanks again for sharing. SK
3/24/2015 c42 samekraemer
EXCELLENT! I loved this story so much. The characters came alive to me, and that's a gift you've given all of us. Thank you for sharing. SK
3/24/2015 c36 samekraemer
Go Wild Willie! Woop!
3/24/2015 c34 samekraemer
Scott needs to cut Madeline - literally and figuratively! Great chapter. SK
3/24/2015 c32 samekraemer
What a bitch! Those grandparents should be horsewhipped! Great chapter.
3/24/2015 c30 samekraemer
Great date! Glad to see Will's starting to get on board the Scott-train. Great job. SK
3/24/2015 c29 samekraemer
Great chapter. Love James!
3/24/2015 c27 samekraemer
I thought it was a great chapter. SK
3/24/2015 c24 samekraemer
Uh-oh. First fight...not good.
3/24/2015 c23 samekraemer
YAY! Houston, we have lift off!
3/23/2015 c18 samekraemer
Cliche or not, it was a wonderful chapter! I'm so happy I found this story. SK
3/23/2015 c16 samekraemer
I love James! He's a great character. Good job. SK
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