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4/16/2004 c1 20Azaelia Hamwich
Yes, I like quite this :) It is so .. deep. Very descriptive, I wouldn't say it was too descriptive but somehow it didn't have a flow for me - but don't be put off, it is a beautiful poem just less so for me than for your other reviewers! :P
Still well done! :D
3/8/2003 c1 darkchild4
Wow this was really good! Well done!
3/4/2002 c1 54Werecat99
7/24/2001 c1 11ArwenAria18
-Cheers and claps hands enthusiastically- I can picture you saying as if it were really happening in your room. You seriously were born into the wrong century; I think mideval (did I spell that right?) suits you better. But then again, if you had been born in said century, you never would have had the pleasure of knowing me! ...Or reading the works of Tolkien for that matter. Wonderful poetry; you should write a book.
6/15/2001 c1 artful gemini
ohhhh...so pretti...
6/6/2001 c1 17ArwenStar914
Oooo, me likes. Sounds like you (and me;)) bravo!
6/2/2001 c1 7Kathryn Angelle
Awwww...The imagry is stunning! Beautiful...*loses herself in happy daydreams, the kind she usually saves for when she's supposed to be doing math*
6/2/2001 c1 20Pie
Wow. You're poetry is as remarkable as your stories! Very descriptive. I'll read your LotR story as soon as I finnish the actual books. I'm too lazy. (-;
6/2/2001 c1 22Gevo
this is damn good! deep thoughts. so interesting and wonderful!

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