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12/22/2001 c1 8Raonaid Luckwell
Well if I was the professor or teacher I'd give you a good grade for this works {perhaps it's because she is such a sucker for elven stories} Still makes me wonder wonder race of elves they were.. would say drow {aka dark elves or ilythiiri} by how nasty they were to those lower than them but they live down below
6/5/2001 c1 noX
Aaaaaah. That seemed rather pointless. I mean, it wasn't his fault he dropped the torch. It was the elves that startled him (on porpose). Then he got killed, and hoped he did better in the afterlife? ?_? Did you pass the exam?
6/2/2001 c1 sky mage
I believed you passed with high honors! ^_^ I liked it a lot. Relates to a lot of people, whether they think so or not. Including me. =)

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