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6/23/2018 c1 Marrethiel
Well written. Great characters and a good well paced story. Thak you.
7/5/2017 c48 Katsa3973
Thank you very much for this book. It is truly one of a kind and exceled at keeping me interested. (AKA: I couldnt put it down and read it in one sitting.) You have a gift for creating a world. It didnt feel as though I was reading fiction. It was like you had stepped into a world that had already existed and you were the narrarater. While the story didnt start in the middle of the action, it felt like there was life before the story and it would continue after the last page. Your characters were dynamic and alive. No two were identical and I felt like each one had a life and a backstory that influenced their actions, even minor characters. I loved that Claudia didn't fit into any "reluctant hero" roles. She was the "evil queen" and to many sane people, she would be hated. She killed, destroyed, and was down-right cold at times. It is very hard to make a charicter like that likeable, but you did marvelous. Claudia was (and still is) one of the most alive people (real or not) that I've ever met. Without her, the story wouldnt have had the same pull. I was sucked in, chewed up, and spit out. And I'm about to go in for seconds. And that wasnt including anything about the story line. By God, that was impressive. It kept me hooked from the first page and didn't stop. And it defiantly defied all expectations. There are so many tales of misguided villains and accidental villains, but I have never quite seen one with a "good" guy intentionally going bad, even for a good cause. And your description of light and dark not being good and evil, it made the story relatable. While I didn't enjoy the princes (being the antagonists of the story and all) they had a certain charm and I would read stories about them, seperate from Claudia. I felt that they had justified their actions, and were good people (mostly, okay sometimes), but I had to dislike them because of the us vs them mentality. Your work made me question a lot of thing in life, big and small. And, quite frankly, the world could use a little more thinking. Please continue to write, mostly as the selfish wish that I can continue to read your work. Other than that, even when disscussing the rise of a evil queen, you make the world a better place with your work. One last time, thank you for all of the time, work, sweat, and tears you put into making this. I wish you luck with all your future endeavors and hope that you are proud of what you have done and will do.
1/13/2015 c2 ANewReader
Humans. Creatures of the light. HA! That's hilarious.
They said that darkness and light is not related to good or evil, but the battle at the start implies otherwise.

Anyway, I'm intrigued as to how this story turns out.
5/18/2014 c10 Greyface
i have to stop reading here. i feel like ive been double-crossed. you pulled a bait and switch. you start with a grand, though very cliche, battle scene, and then completely switch gears and try to grip the reader in a political intrigue and suspense story. it doesnt work here. at all. also, if claudia has been through a battle, why is she so horrified of blood and death months after the fact? shes killed people! that should not affect her the way it does! you kill off characters hoping the reader will feel devastated, but the characters are so shallow that we dont care for them. this comes off as a boring story that doesnt know its own identity and i expected more from you Connor.
5/13/2014 c10 1leofrost
Wow, didn't see that ending. I thought it was heartfelt. :)
2/9/2014 c48 Geekman9097
Hello there. Another fantastic work from you. sorry it took me a while to comment this, but it just came into my mind. I remember earlier you said that this story would be told from the point of view of the villain. In my opinion, you failed at this. You simply made Claudia and Alistar the good guys. You need to remedy this, or change your point of view. Possibly make Claudia more evil, or the like. Despite this inconsistency, an overall excellent story that i enjoyed reading. thank you
P.S. Guest review because i was too lazy to log in.
12/19/2013 c47 Trickster314
Just finished this story, and I'm honestly surprised that there arent a lot more reviews for a story of this quality. Great characters, lots of character developement, memorable events and a new plot that moves away from the age old idea that good trumps evil and everything is black and white, make this a great read and a wonderful story. Looking forward to the sequel.
11/23/2013 c47 mysteriousguy898
Well done! I eagerly await the sequel, whenever that may be! I'm not sure I remember Cyranio's sister being introduced. I know Cyranio's last request was that she be rescued, though. Since that didn't happen (yet), I'll be waiting for Book Two!
11/22/2013 c48 Ms julia
Absolutely ecstatic, although the double update for the msg was a slight tease! Absolutely cannot wait for your second instalment.
Best always,
-the girl too lazy to log in
11/15/2013 c46 Ms Julia
Please please update again soon
11/15/2013 c46 mysteriousguy898
I forgot that Claudia killed her father. Did that happen in the last chapter? Anyway, it's a good thing she turned the Darkness back on, or they'd all be dead. I'm still mixing up Mattias with Marius and all the other long names, but it's hard to find names that are both short and original these days.
11/8/2013 c45 mysteriousguy898
A moment of triumph, or will Claudia start slipping again? Excellent work. I'm worried about the dead ones, though. Without them, who will save Claudia from herself?
10/27/2013 c44 mysteriousguy898
Ooh, big battle scenes upcoming! Still, something seems off. Am I missing some foreshadowing here? Maybe I'm just clueless about how this will go, which is good, because that means the story is unique.
10/12/2013 c43 Ashley2000
Amazing chapter! You should get this story published!
9/29/2013 c42 mysteriousguy898
What if this plan of Claudia's doesn't work? That would be bad for everyone.
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