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9/27/2013 c42 Ms julia
I'm lovin the frequent updates :)
Keep it up!
9/20/2013 c41 mysteriousguy898
I remember. "For one glorious battle, he will be unstoppable...and then he will die." Soon...
9/13/2013 c40 Me Julia
:D such a quick update, I'm glad! Please update again soon!
9/8/2013 c39 Geekman9097
Yay! New chapter
9/6/2013 c39 mysteriousguy898
Excellent work, though I'm having trouble keeping all these extra-long names straight...
9/6/2013 c39 Ms Julia
Anxiously awaiting your next update :)
6/25/2013 c38 mysteriousguy898
Another excellent scene! If Claudia continues pillaging Galletia, how many more villages before the Balance is restored?
6/17/2013 c37 2hotleafjuice
I've read this story, and immediately fell in love with the way you've written this plot. This isn't the usual, heroine on the good side bringing brightness and glory with a happy ending. I absolutely love this dark twist on the usual epic fantasy; can't wait for the next chapter!
6/14/2013 c37 9Ms.Julia
Sly, very sly lol
6/14/2013 c37 mysteriousguy898
It's hard to avoid misunderstandings when marching an army across an enemy nation with the express purpose of sowing chaos, isn't it?
6/14/2013 c1 Gorilla0132
please do not take offense to this review, i do not mean to cause any:
so i came out of this chapter with mixed feelings. it was a good chapter no doubt, but its the plot im worried about. it seems very bland, very cliche. we start with an epic battle, which is a very tired trend for a high fantasy story. the battle is a huge cluster fuck as you throw all these different races and speices and types of monsters at us all at once, instead of introducing them very slowly so we can grab hold of them. also, why not give an actual name to the Dawn Sword instead of just the Dawn Sword? if its such a big deal, give it a true name.
Claudia seems rather young and inexperienced to be on the battefield.
also i must admit i rolled my head so hard i nearly snapped my neck when i read "The Dark Lord". really? really? you couldn't name him anything else?
this story so far, just seems like a story made up entirely of Tolkien cliches. your not giving us anything new to bite down on. in Fantasy, in this day and age, new is brilliant! we dont want more elves and dwarves and goblins! George Martin is doing just fine by actually distancing himself from Tolkien's ideas.
if this truly is you great new project, i would recommend looking over it again with a keen eye.
6/9/2013 c36 mysteriousguy898
Again with the awesome combat scenes! My only problem is trying to pronounce the names. Every name is three to five syllables, but at least they're all original.
6/8/2013 c36 SagittarianArcher
This is one of the best stories I've ever read. This would be something I'd be proud to have on my bookshelf - this is definitely worthy of publication.
6/7/2013 c36 Ms Julia
So happy you updated! :)
Claudia is really getting into the part of dark Queen now huh?
Excited to read your next update, please make it soon!
-the girl too lazy to log in
5/31/2013 c35 Ms.Julia
Excited you updated :D
And can't wait to read what happens next!
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