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4/30/2013 c2 2BulkyCamera
It's beautifully written. You really do have a way with words.
10/2/2012 c2 marginal-utility
I love this. Dün-Seçen is a complex character. I like both of them.
I hope you continue this story.
9/20/2012 c2 ViolaDG
I hope you feel the urge to continue this - between the development of the MCs' relationship, and the surrounding political situation, it could end up being a big, juicy story.
8/31/2012 c1 4the old contemptible
Aha. This, I can see, is a much better fit for you than your WWII experiment. The writing styles are much the same (to me, at least) and far more suited to a steamy medieval epic than a dreary Second World War setting. Good luck with this one.
8/30/2012 c2 alliciainwonder
Argg I hate how defeated and powerless Yüsek seems! I hate how he now has to follow all of Dün-Seçen's wishes, and yeah he seems a bit crazy with the whole rumour(?) of him killing his half siblings. I really hope you can build up Yüsek since I think he can most definitely take his throne back though I don't think that's the direction of your plot for this story since he seems like someone who doesn't break his oaths. I like the concept of the story so far though and hope it continues though I do hope you update So, The Rain is Falling since it's the 1st story I read of yours and I absolutely love it! So Update! Update! Update!
8/28/2012 c2 2HelloBilby
I get the impression with Dun-Secen that he idolised Yusek, the Bear King, and that that is (one of) the reasons he didn't kill him. it would be kind of crushing to kill your own hero.
I think he's a good guy, and intelligent, calculating. I also think he doesn't fully understand the kingdom he's just taken over and how extreme what he's done is. I think it's going to cause a lot of problems until he somehow fixes it.

I really like the character Yusek. I'm looking forward to seeing what he's like when he's not so tired/depressed/confused.
8/26/2012 c2 FortunateM
Another gracefully written story so far; though Yüsek seems quiet and compliant, he is nonetheless a man defeated, exhausted and lost.

Why would he say or do more? He is only observing the antics of those around him gaining his bearings; believe not a wet blanket (your words), but a man in contemplation of a future in binds – metaphorically speaking. Therefore, bound by his allegiance and adherence to his word he stays, without considering mortality as an act of defiance against his king.

It is Dün-Seçen, that I believe hides so much more. He is cunning, and do believe he will back Yüsek into a corner, if his actions are not forthcoming or to his liking. He emits an air of immaturity that easily falls short of the breadth of Yüsek’s wisdom and the danger lies in this inexperience.

Thank you your update, truly hope to read more soon.
8/24/2012 c2 2ainsophauir
Wow, I can only imagine the angst coming out from this really weird arrangement between the two of them o.O

Dün-Seçen seems like a really, really OCD man to me. And Yüsek is the unfortunate person on the receiving end of this devotion... But Dün-Seçen seems to me to be so far fairly mentally young? Like he hasn't grown out of childhood dreams yet and is still chasing after his idol (Yüsek.)

Just my opinion though!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/13/2012 c2 kaza
Still pretty good, so far. But i honestly cannot tell how old any one is. But maybe i'm just being stupid right now. Anyway, i totally love Yüsek; the way he acts, his morals, his stubbornness. I personally feel as if theres something deeper to Dün-Seçen than Yüsek realizes. He also seems very intimidating despite him saying that within a year he'll be dead. Side note: you forgot to capitalize ''istaav'' once. Either way, i'll be waiting for more updates!
7/12/2012 c2 Guest
I don't know how to type the special characters BUT I really like Dun-Secen. The words that most come time with him are calculating and long-term thinker, he reminds me of the chess player who knows how the game's going to end three turns in. He seems to have a VERY clear picture of the future and how he's going to get there while keeping everything he wants. I like the idea of a joint throne between Yusek and Dun-Secen, it'll be interesting to see how you get there (I may be assuming wrongly that you're going that route). You do have a roundabout style of giving us the information (eg. the banner with the bear, which actually sounds like a fascinating point that will be resolved later) but I enjoy it and you should never sacrifice your style and pander to your audience, at least in my opinion. Also, I've read authors even on this site who are even more convoluted than you so I wouldn't worry about it. I was actually pleasantly surprised that you posted, it's been a little bit but thank you! It was very enjoyable and now I'm not sure whether to push you to finish The Falling Rain or this one lol. Keep writing regardless, your style is rather unique especially in this genre and extremely enjoyable, at least for me. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the future :)
7/7/2012 c1 rabblizzart
Wow. This looks really good. I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm curious though, if Yusek has had the crown for about 18 years and it was a third of his life, he's a little less than 60 years old, right? Does he look it or does he look younger? And Dun-secen? How old is he exactly? (I don't mind an age gap, I'm just curious.)
6/21/2012 c1 kaza
*nods approvingly* I like it so far. Never would've guessed you would write something kind of medieval-esque. Awesome names by the way. Only mistake i noticed is on the last paragraph (of the story), you capitalized ''knuckles,'' which you didnt need to. Either way, sounds good so far, I'll be waiting for an update :)
6/21/2012 c1 6Yaoi-sama
Your language seems so poetic. Please do continue this!
6/20/2012 c1 11seraphofreverie
Uhm... yeah - love? Yes. That.

This was wonderful to read.

For some reason I started envisioning Tim Hiddleston with his natural curly hair, and then the two were fighting in vahala armor, and then Thor was suddenly Yusef and then my imagination completely took over and rode shotgun along with your amazing writing skills 3

twaz fun - thanks for sharing!
6/20/2012 c1 SmittenKitten26
Amazing! I love your writing style. It flowed so well, and I could feel literally all the emotion and desire between the two... Wow, It has left me wanting more! :D
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