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for The Guys Next Door

8/27/2016 c16 Centimeter
Really hoping you get to finish this story. I know it's been a while.
11/22/2014 c10 Hanasakurou
Yeah, I think It's one of my favs 2. Probably cuz I get a gud feeling from her being with Cyan. Weird. I sorta like dis pairing better. o_o
11/21/2014 c9 Hanasakurou
I think Cyan has feelings for Aurora. Yeah. Dat's wat I think. _
11/20/2014 c3 Hanasakurou
Makes me wonder who she's gonna end up with. But I'm sorta expecting sumthing from Grayson.
2/18/2014 c18 1Bellaria
Awesome story, but things seem as if they're about to go south. Should be interesting!

Look forward to it.

Bella x
1/26/2014 c18 Centimeter
More please! :) great chapter. it sounds like the story is coming to a close
1/5/2014 c18 avidreader
Please keep up the story! I love it!
1/5/2014 c18 Ashley1bordas
I started out reading this today... At first I didn't really like it... But I found tht I couldn't stop reading it... I love this story! You have to keep writing it! I have to know!
1/5/2014 c2 Abbey
It's good that each family has some sort of theme when it comes to the names of the kids, or else I would've gotten confused with who's related to who.
1/5/2014 c1 Abbey
I just started reading this, but it seems like something I'll enjoy.
1/5/2014 c18 JJsMommy29
Can't wait to see what he is so mad about and so can't wait to see how he tries to get out of kissing another girl but great chapter and so can't wait to see what happens next
1/5/2014 c18 5Smitha
You did NOT just leave it with a cliff hanger like that :O Come on!
Please please please update fast! I love this story sooo much
Oh and Happy New Year sweetheart :D
1/3/2014 c17 Centimeter
I love this story. Please don't give up on it.
9/7/2013 c17 JJsMommy29
I think her and Cyan needs to be together
5/14/2013 c16 Amazing Fuzzy Llamas
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