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11/20/2012 c14 7Channel 7
I love reading this story! :D Thank you for fiiiinally updating it- I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been awaiting more chapters from you :)

Just one thing: in Chapter 13, Aurora says she has a guilty "conscious". It's supposed to be "conscience". "Conscious" is an adjective. Just a tiny error, but I hope my input helped :P

Please keep writing x
11/12/2012 c14 ae1st19
Love this story sooooooo more:)
Please more soon:)
11/12/2012 c14 foxbagels
I love both the chapters 3 So glad you're updating again c:
11/12/2012 c14 1leavesfallingup
A good story so far. I got sucked into it and really enjoyed it.

A question: how old is everybody now? I thought that Grayson was the same age as Aurora, but in this chapter Cyan remembers Aurora's words when she was in class with him. For some reason I thought that he was older.
11/12/2012 c14 JJsMommy29
Short but sweet loved it so can't wait for more
11/12/2012 c1 leavesfallingup
That is a big family. Did her own family grow as well?
11/12/2012 c14 5Smitha
Aaawwww this chapter was really cute :)
The brother sister moment right there was soo cute :)

Two chapters in one day! I'm so proud of you! :) xD

And yeah, you're right about Phillip getting a little recognition.. he should! :)
11/12/2012 c14 19bookppl93
11/12/2012 c13 5Smitha

It's amazing.. really.. this has gotta be my favorite chapter for some reason xD
Except for the end... that was... sad... I reeeeaaaally like Cyan with her more than her with Grayson.. I might be the only one xD

I hope in the end she ends up with Cyan :)
10/15/2012 c12 Guest
please please please update SOON!
9/16/2012 c12 dreamXaXdream
so i guess your reason is school? sucks doesn't just plain old writers anyways love the story my friend told me to read it. i love the contact you make with Cyan's jealousy, and how the romance with grayson and aurora isn't really real. its just a sad pathetic relationship where they think they're in love.
9/9/2012 c12 Guest
9/9/2012 c10 Guest
WAIT! how can they have cars when their 12 YEARS OLD
9/8/2012 c12 6GreysonDrew
This was surprisingly short. Probably because the other stories that I read just before this was uber long :)

I found this chapter quite carelessly written. There were a lot of minor mistakes that are super easy to spot, and it seemed like you never looked at the screen while typing the chapter.

Other than that, good chapter, but I would've liked a little bit more tension somewhere there!
9/1/2012 c12 Make Your Mark
Brotherly tension! :O ouch... Am I supposed to pick a team at some point now...cos I don't know whether I'm team cyan or team grayson! :S
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