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for What She Saw

10/3/2015 c22 1Montara
Michael wants to protect her and that's why he stayed!
10/3/2015 c21 Montara
Both hurt her and she's saving them all by sacrificing herself :
10/3/2015 c20 Montara
Can't wait to find out about Jez's past and who she reallt is. As well as Will's love!
10/3/2015 c19 Montara
A vulnerable Will...but didn't last long.
10/3/2015 c18 Montara
She's a fairy!
10/3/2015 c17 Montara
Poor Jez :(
10/3/2015 c16 Montara
What's going on?!
10/3/2015 c15 Montara
I don't think is really Michael...but if Non-Michael can help her...
10/3/2015 c14 Montara
NO! He can't be dead! He's just a prisoner and they'll free him! :(((
10/3/2015 c13 Montara
These fae are so dangerous! Poor humans have no chance against them! First she almost drowned and now cut her throat!
10/3/2015 c12 Montara
The way these fae can take do whatever they want with humans is frightening! And yet, can't stop admire their powers.

And Jez is powerless and has to do whatever they want...hope she'll discover some powers of her own or make good alliances to protect herself.
10/2/2015 c11 Montara
She'll go on a mission that might kill her and in return she'll receive nothing? I think she was played by everyone...they can't return in their land without the weapon and the key activates only by her touch...she holds a lot of power, she should have bargained.

Will tried to kill her! And he's so..cold! Maybe she'll be able to turn that heart from stone into something that could feel, that would be very nice!

What's with Aidyn, is he able to smell the fae? And him advising against Michael...hope he's not right :
10/2/2015 c10 Montara
They kissed :))

Will helped in his own nasty way. And now they met Queen Mab! This is so interesting! :D
10/2/2015 c9 Montara
I love the universe you're creating here even though it's kind of scary. I think Michael was right to stop her, she doesn't know what the nymph will ask and could be something dangerous for her or someone she loves.

Frankly, I think Michael is great for her, but only as he's now, hope he'll remain the good guy in your story and doesn't act like this to trick her.
10/2/2015 c8 Montara
I can't believe those guys aren't arrested by now! Hope she'll press charges! I mean, it's alright that Michael defended her, but they walked out without punishment! They could do it to other girls, too! Where is the guy from the Witness Protection? She should talk with him!

Michael is a fairy :) And he's good! So glad that he's protecting her. Bet she still has tons of things to discover about him!
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