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5/18/2020 c54 Sanja Weber
Thank You! This is an amazing read!
7/19/2019 c1 adis
I was thinking this was gonna be good until I read the last thing in the description...*sigh*
3/3/2018 c48 Guest
I love the use of Welsh folklore and the use of the language
11/20/2017 c54 FenrirFree
when I realized that Jake and Dresarian would not have been together I wanted to read, in the end I did, even though I skipped a bit, for me that relationship was perfect and it would turn into something wonderful. the story is beautiful, but how can you imagine I did not like this final, sorry. ;)
9/17/2017 c15 Guest
Why the fuck is Jake so stupid? Can't he be smarter why is he just running into danger with no back up plan or protection?
5/21/2017 c44 fantastka55
Ok, I'm just too curious. Why Bjorn, a canadian lycan, is speaking in polish? :D Like, Bjorn is nor very canadian neither very polish name. :D
3/29/2017 c54 5MostlyAlexLeigh
This story was so good! I really, really enjoyed reading it. The pacing went well, the characters were written fantastically, and the plot was fantastic. I loved the epilogue and am happy with how everything turned out.

Thanks for writing this, I really loved it.
3/29/2017 c40 MostlyAlexLeigh
3/28/2017 c24 MostlyAlexLeigh
I really, really do not blame Dresarian. At all.
3/28/2017 c21 MostlyAlexLeigh
I still don't understand why the HUMAN men thought they could scare Jake into compliance after everything. Still, I'm proud of him for being a good guy and not turning his friend(/crush) in.
3/28/2017 c19 MostlyAlexLeigh

Also, totally want Dresarian and Jake to get together. And stay together forever, and when they adopt or whatever their kids maybe they'll find a middle ground of name creativity between their own?
3/28/2017 c11 MostlyAlexLeigh
Did Mishka poison Jake? Like, it seems like the plot of the story is going to reveal Mishka to not be a terrible guy, but you never know...
3/28/2017 c7 MostlyAlexLeigh
I really, really like Desarian.
3/28/2017 c6 MostlyAlexLeigh
I just love these buys. Being good guys, just wanna pinch their cheeks. They're all such sweeties.

Also, omg, I need to learn more about Jake's roommate. Is he secretly a good guy? Redeemable, perhaps, since he doesn't get along with the other jerk?
3/28/2017 c4 MostlyAlexLeigh
I'm actually proud of Jake for defending himself, and hope he doesn't stop that. Too many stories have the human basically useless, and while I don't have a problem with them being weak, it is annoying when they don't even try.

I am loving this story! The main character (Jake) is interesting and I'm looking forward to learning more about his mother and father.
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