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for Breathless: A World War II Novel

1/11/2014 c3 2Ptronille
Pretty nice chapter, as well, although perhaps Lewis and Helen feel a little more American than British (in behavior especially). They warm up to her very quickly... but it's also the wont of artists, isn't it, to be more "liberal" than most! )
I thought one day at the time to get from Paris to London must have been a little fast, but out of curiosity, I checked (multiplying every time measure by two to be sure), and it should have taken 8-10 hours, so it's feasible if she leaves early in the morning. My bad, then ;)
1/9/2014 c1 Ptronille
Hi there !
Very interesting story so far. I'll expand more on the style & plot after I read more. Three things, though:
1) does she take the train to England...? XD I guess she takes a train to up North, or to Brittany, then the boat? When is this happening, end of 1939? Or has the armistice been signed yet? The means of travel aren't the same if the occupation has started, since the frontiers were understandably closed.
2) There's a faulty line somewhere in this chapter : Charlotte hadn't even heard her mother utter the word was when she was ten years old. (I typed it from memory since we can't copy/paste anymore)
3) Don't you DARE kill her brother ! :P
See you 'round
6/15/2013 c25 2fortiespoet
This chapter actually made me cry
just a little cause you know
this story is over and I just
the ending was really good
and the title all makes all this sense now
and just
this is my favourite story on fictionpress
or it was but you know I guess it's not over cause the sequel
so it is

Seriously you are amazing and I can't really think of any constructive criticism really it's just all so great, I honestly can't wait for the sequel (I'll be counting the days, because i have no life eh)

congratulations on a wonderful, completed story :D
6/14/2013 c25 AxdriaXa
And then I cried because it was amazing and just so beautiful and just Jack and Charlotte finally saying what the felt and now I'm all soppy and just want to hug okay?! If there was a more powerful way of saying 'I love this book', I'd be saying it right now but I guess this'll have to do! Okay so I read it, and then I loved it, and I read some more and kept loving it, then the ending literally left me breathless! That sequel, I'm going to marry it :P haha I'm being all dramatic right? just wow this was beautiful! The moment he gets off the train and sees her waiting for him...wow I seriously can't wait! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Highlight of my day :)
6/11/2013 c24 HannahJLCoggins
This is just wonderful to read, you've played with my emotions, one minute I'm happy for the characters, then angry with them and so on! I honestly am in love with this story! I'm not actually a keen reader, however you've made me think twice about reading and especially these types of genres. Please keep it up! You are amazing at what you do!
5/29/2013 c23 1CaciaCoon
Sorry it took me so long to read this


I can imagine Jack's face being like

5/26/2013 c1 1LaArabe
Impressive work :)

Just as if it was to be in the World War II Era!

Great start and grammar is good too ! I will now keep reading
5/23/2013 c23 AxdriaXa
Reading this book always makes me want to push harder in theatre, the ending was so beautiful. It made me think of what we're missing when we don't understand a book, to some its mere words and to some its a masterpiece! Just wow! It won't be long till Jack is gone to war, hopefully he keeps safe and ah Charlotte, Wesley is what made his mood change! 1 week or so, either way it'll be worth the wait :) Enjoyed it :)
5/18/2013 c22 2fortiespoet
isudhjxckmekjsdfmxc i remember when i first came across this story and it only had 11 chapters and now it has 22 and it has like my summary and a shoutout wowisjkdmcdskjnjdifuwejsd rougette you are the best
at life
and writing
this story just like

It's so sad Jack why is he joining the military though wtf i kinda thought him and Charlotte were going to have this happy ending (ominous summary foreshadowing? Maybe. That wasn't on purpose.) and then he goes and enlists...I still like this story though, and even though it's ending soon (I think?) I can't wait for more updates/the sequel because you are awesome
and will always beat me at historical fiction

ok bye!
5/18/2013 c21 AxdriaXa
Wow, just wow. the emotions are amazingly depicted and I just was so indulged into the book, you're very talented! I always look forward to reading your book :)
5/18/2013 c22 AxdriaXa
Every single time!
I can't ever not like an update of this book, its just so beautifully written that I want to read it over and over again! The chemistry between those two and the relationship between Charlotte and Jack with Lewis is just so beautiful, this is surely one of my favourite chapters ever. I must admit that I'm terrified for Jack, I mean he's probably ignorant about what it really entails on the battlefield but I know whatever you do with the story will turn out just as amazing as always :)
5/17/2013 c22 Caciacoon
Is too lazy to actually sign in.

great chapter! I think by now you must get tired of me and everyone else telling you how great you are so I kept it brief and it's late and I'm tired


good job, keep it up :3
5/8/2013 c21 1CaciaCoon
Oh my god

it finally happened

and now I'm crying

and dancing


and now I want to see the next chapters soon



5/5/2013 c3 CRYSTAL2
I've added this to my fav story list so I can read it tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy! I'm also getting into hystorical fiction because a family member recently got some books published if you interested in reading them! Her first book isn't hystorical but her next book will be, out in july sometime going to be called Summer in Rye...her first book is called winter storms and she goes under the name lucy oliver. It only available on kindle at the moment though! Anyway...excited to see what happens next!
5/5/2013 c2 CRYSTAL2
I really like this alot. I felt so sorry for Charlotte in the first chapter...surely her parents can't really want to be rid of her? I can't wait to find out what happens next!
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