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for Breathless: A World War II Novel

5/5/2013 c1 beth
I like this story a lot so far! I'm trying to get into hystorical stories as something different to read.
5/1/2013 c20 2fortiespoet
This chapter just had so many feels I kind of just... stared at the computer for a few minutes like, not knowing what to say or do.

Obviously Helen's death was really, really sad, but I think it fit in well with the story. Plus, she's just so nice and talented and awesome that she had to die .


I am really not on board with this whole Charlotte/Wesley business though, so I'm glad she doesn't 'love him as a boyfriend' xD. I am really desperate for some Charlotte x Jack to happen pretty soon, and every time Jack comes close to confessing his undying love for charlotte he's like
'I love you like a sister, Char'.
FUCK NO JACK, YOU DO NOT LOVE HER LIKE A SISTER YOU LOVE love her! But the bit about them falling asleep together suggests possible love like, not siblingly love.

I really hope the next two chapters are out soon, since you already have them written as you said... hint hint... :)

btw, this summary schtuff. I'll send one to you and i don't mind at all if you don't use it (don't worry, my feelings won't be hurt xD).
But don't hate appreciate.
5/1/2013 c20 1CaciaCoon
Oh...oh my.

This is unacceptable.



"I used to spend my time thinking about the person who I would spend the rest of my life with. I used to wonder what she would be like, the Helen to my Lewis. I always tried to imagine what a perfect girl would be like. A perfect girl...she would like the same books as me. She would love cars and taking drives. She would listen to me when I had a problem. She would make biscuits with Mrs. Dawes and would be waiting for me at the house when I would get home from school. I had so many ideas of what she would be like."


How does...how does she not even compare that to anyone


They're...they're going to get together...right?


if this all ends up as Charlotte/Wesly I'm not gonna be happy

because I'm pretty sure your summary states that Jack and Charlotte are gonna have some action

as a couple

not as friends


although all of this is probably pretty needed to keep us readers in condition. I mean, I'd probably die of feels if that just suddenly happened


Oh oh oh okay and on the summary thing

I have an idea

don't hate me it's cheesy

Charlotte wasn't quite sure what she was expecting, moving to England. Someone like her mother, perhaps, and strangers all around. She definitely did not expect finding herself in one of the happiest periods of her life, with Helen, Lewis, the theatre, and...Jack. She most certainly didn't expect the bombings. But possibly the biggest surprise was love, in a most unexpected boy.

I regret nothing

boy can also be traded for man

it's literally exactly the character limit

dear god xD
5/1/2013 c20 AxdriaXa
I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. There were so many emotions depicted and they were so clear, it made the chapter that little bit more special! I think Helen dying was a sad thing, especially with the baby but I trust you know what you're doing plus its a great story plot so well done! those two...in the end, they'll always run back to each other for comfort :)
4/15/2013 c19 1silveroak22
This is such a great story! I love all the characters, and I'm enjoying seeing how they evolve throughout the story. I can't wait to read more, especially since you left on such a cliff-hanger! Keep writing and updating!
4/13/2013 c19 2fortiespoet
Oh my god, I've honestly been waiting so long for this chapter to come out... you do realise you're writing a novel, right? I really enjoy this story, and I like Jack and Charlotte's love/hate relationship. The end of this chapter was rather heart-wrenching, and a bit of a cliff-hanger, so you're really going to have to update soon...but in all honesty, you have a lot of skill and an extremely successful story. Please update soon!
Like, tomorrow!
Thanks :D
4/12/2013 c19 AxdriaXa
This was immensely good! The chapter was literally perfect and the little uh-oh moment at the end, AMAZING! I'm glad those two are talking again though they're both too stubborn for their own good! Really enjoyed it, just hoping Helen, the baby and Lewis are okay now :)
4/12/2013 c19 Rigoudon3
WOOT! An update! What's gonna happen next? You can't leave us hanging like this! D:
4/12/2013 c19 1CaciaCoon
Oh my god.

oh my god.

you updated.

you finally updated.

oh my god.

this was the most feelsy chapter yet.

keep on trucking. You have exquisite syntax, grammar, plot flow, and character. Plus, I love this story enough to read this while watching Sherlock.
4/7/2013 c18 2fortiespoet
Honestly, I love this story, It's fun and easy to read, albeit having good writing; I really enjoy where you're taking it, even though the scene with Jack at the end made me sad, because I feel like Charlotte and Jack have to realise their feelings for each other eventually and Wesley's just getting in the way of all that xD.
I wish you would update though, lots of people want to read it :)
2/19/2013 c18 AxdriaXa
WOW!This has been one of my favourite chapters in this story!oh jack and his mood swings,i can never keep up with it!that was a big fight,hopefully they don't start to hate each other or rather jack doesn't start to hate charlotte.i really loved this chapter,you did your job well!
2/17/2013 c18 1CaciaCoon
When I saw the line "You're not just a silly little girl anymore" I was like :D :O and then it was like "You're like my little sister now." And then I was like : ): :

When I saw that Breathless: a WWII novel at the top of my 'Alters' list I was like OMGAHDKABFSHFNIAJDVAKAHANFHJ ASK :DDD

Only reason I've been going online for the past few days. Keep up the good work.

Or else.

Just kidding.

2/12/2013 c17 Someone
I honestly can't believe how good this is! It's like I'm with Charlotte. You should keep writing, you are amazing at it!
2/9/2013 c17 AxdriaXa
Oh Jack! i feel sorry for him, he probably thinks charlotte likes wesley and not him but i do wonder which one she really likes cause i think she likes both of them :p no he didn't! i hoped he had stopped drinking! oh well great chapter, actually came on here earlier to read it! :) you have other stories? h great :) i'll go check them out after posting this :) x
2/6/2013 c17 CaciaCoon

This story is like, the only reason I go online anymore!

This chapter was really good, but felt really short.

Please update again soon! xD
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