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1/31/2013 c1 Guest
I think that this story should have a happy and romantic ending. After being burned several times you are contacted by a woman who catches you off your guard, and it happens in the most exciting and surprising ways. Just to make it really interesting, she living in an exotic foreign country. You over come your usual shyness and reluctance through the extreme curiosity she evokes in you, and then, you make a life changing decision, and you actually get a passport and make a journey to the far east. There you and she experience more life and color in a short time than you would of ever dreamed possible. You discover that you are a very handsome, interesting and spiritual man. People look up to you, and you have many freinds, from all over the world. You should continue to write this story, and have it become the romance of a lifetime. You meet someone, a kindred spirit, worlds away, she brings you out and rattles your world. Then you go on to create a virtually costless form of energy, and bring hope to the world. What do you think? Lets have this one have a very happy and surprising ending.

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