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12/8/2012 c1 25AriaCreates
This poem cracks me up and it's hard to read. I suggest centering it, then no making the beginning of ever word a capital letter, that makes it hard to read. Maybe then I can read it better, but as of now, it's terrible.
9/9/2012 c1 1MangekyoMarie
That was beautiful, how I feel and every writer I believe does. Good work, look forward to more.
7/20/2012 c1 15Natari Mirumura
Beautiful and VERY true. This poem really speaks to me, and is by far expressed and written extreamly well. Amazing job, keep it up :D
7/16/2012 c1 walls-have-ears
This is true, and very well written! "You Never Know What Goes On In A Writers Mind, " is one of my favourite lines
7/12/2012 c1 2Louisa4533
True as the day is long.

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