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1/7/2013 c1 hahabloodyha
This is super lovely! Please do keep writing. :D
9/16/2012 c1 flunkybubbleshorts
I like this lovely lily! I hope we do see more of these two. This is a great one-shot!
8/10/2012 c1 2loveofallthatisawesome
Whoo! I also finished my first year of college this year! :D It's difficult, and I don't like how our GPA's have to be higher in order to pass, bleh, so much work!

But anyway, I really want to know more about these characters too. I mean, c'mon, Lily and Dylan need to make a greater connection, and we need to know if gramps got better! Awesome one-shot, and all the other ones I've been favoriting too :D
7/16/2012 c1 53Stephlikeswriting
Wow, this was really good! I love the juxtaposition of Lily's naivety and innocence with her "my mom doesn't understand music" against Dylan, who is clearly going through something she can't quite grasp, yet is trying to. I thought it was really powerful.
7/15/2012 c1 8theKnobblyKneedWriter
Absolutely BRILLIANT. You're such an original, unique writer. I love every single one of your pieces.

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