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4/18/2016 c20 CalistaSeraphina
This story is so good, I am reading and it is three A.M. And I didn't finish my homework. I'm stupid.
2/19/2014 c18 rememberholly
Woooowwww...Scarlett got guts...Gosh, at this point, I feel like Christian deserves her more than Tristan does... after everything Scarlett did for him, he still dates Pearl?:P
1/20/2014 c11 Lily
7/26/2013 c22 Guest
That was really good! You're a great writer keep up the great work! -Ashlei
7/14/2013 c2 Secrets
Dude, doncha think scarlett's a little too materlistc?
7/1/2013 c22 Damon Salvatore
Ohhhh that was great :) You're one of my favorite writers, I'be read all of your stories. Maybe look into publishing a book?
7/1/2013 c22 5Roses Forever
I don't think there could be a better ending to Scarlett and Tristan. 3
6/30/2013 c22 3TheClosetWriter16
I think I may cry. It is the end :'( I have loved Scarlett and Tristan's story so much- back from the early days of So Typical. I have never followed through on a sequel as much as I have with this one. I reviewed, like, every chapter hahaha. And you definitely deserved every one! This really is an amazing story! Honestly, you had me worried for a while there with Pearl and Tristan and Scar and Christian... I would've died if they ended up with each other. And not to mention, what would happen to poor Nolan and Dana? I'm happy that Felix found a new girl after what happened to Faith especially...
So, the only thing left to say is, when is book 3 coming out? I mean you at least need a special one-shot with their kid, right? :P
Thank you for writing such an amazing book! I loved every second! :D
6/29/2013 c22 AnonymousReads
It's finally done. I really did love the story and everything about it. I mean if you really wanted to you could cut the chapter into two the last chapter about the graduation and the older character part as an epilogue but I liked it. I'm also excited to see what you are going to write about next. I love happy endings from the last chapter being so depressed I am glad it ended like this. Great story. :)
6/28/2013 c22 1Mimer Limer
I love it thanks for writing it :)
6/28/2013 c22 JJsMommy29
Amazing loved it and so happy to see that they ended up getting married
6/28/2013 c22 RubyRed22
Awe. That. Ending. Was. Perfect. I can't believe they're married now and she's pregnant and *sigh* they've really come a long way. I feel like "epilogue" would've been more appropriate than "chapter twenty-two" though, because I was a little confused as to the timing when I was reading the beginning of the chapter.
6/23/2013 c21 Mimer Limer
How sweet3
6/16/2013 c21 RubyRed22
Whoa. Just whoa. I seriously love all the connections in your stories. It's like the feeling you get when you find a dollar on the ground or an unexpected surprise. :) It gives me chills thinking about Live Like You're Dying. That was seriously one of my very, very, very favourites on FP. :')

btw, I'm still holding on to the hope that Faith will rise from the dead or something. And I mean that with as much seriousness as possible.
6/14/2013 c21 JJsMommy29
interesting so can't wait to see how Felix's and Maria's relationship start to grow also can't wait for more of this story
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