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for A Week of Tearing Up

7/8/2014 c1 13Whisperedthing
Wow. I really did think this was about a child until the end. And all I can say is that I hope dogs think like this-it'd be nice to think that they know their families saved them and cared about them.

I think you did a nice job with it and it made me sad to realize that instead of moving again, the dog died.
9/24/2012 c1 Cassia4u
Aw! This is so sad and may I say HOLY COW! I Loved your ending, completely out of nowhere! Here you had me thinking this was a foster child, and then it's a dog! You're giving me ideas for my own story...this was truly inspiring. Amazing, amazing job.

Also, I know this is probably very annoying to get in a review, but I was wondering if you would consider talking to me about beta-ing a story for me. I have just set up an account on here through the "sign in through fanfiction" option because I have an account on there, so I can't PM quite yet although I will be able to later tonight, when the 24 hour waiting period is over.
The book I'm writing is a Christian novel, set far in the future. Please email me at
cassiaburkemper aim . com
without the spaces, of course.
Or PM me in about five hours once my account allows that. :)
Thank you, and sorry once again for the review asking :\

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