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12/16/2018 c20 Guest
ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us :)
4/29/2015 c15 Chersparkle
Love your story so far. love their relationship but what was with the sailing references and ocean puns during the kiss. Hahhahaha SO happy they are finally together though
8/24/2014 c20 PenguinBuddy
Sorry I'm just now seeing that you had finished this! Things have been so hectic, I haven't read any fanfic for weeks. But I'm so excited to see that you've finished Tug of War and that Jessa's story is complete - congratulations! Finishing an original story is such a huge accomplishment, so I hope you're justifiably proud of yourself. Thanks for asking me to read that first draft - it's been such a thrill to read this story knowing where you started and seeing all of your ideas take shape.

I thought these last few chapters were really great! Jessa and Aaron were so adorable together, as were Tucker and Angie. I also thought that the argument between Jessa and Aaron was realistic. Feeling like the other person in a relationship is more/less committed can be a real source of tension and confusion, and I thought they handled it well. Jessa had quite a journey throughout this story and it was great to see her character grow so much - especially when we look back to the first chapters and the extreme rivalry that existed.

Review Challenge Questions. 1. Richard the III; I'd want to talk to him about the life he really led, not what Tudor propagandists later said 2. Probably my GPS because I have absolutely no sense of direction. 3. Flowers.

Awesome job on a fantastic story! And good luck with your other stories!
8/12/2014 c20 1moonlight1258
Please Make a sequel! Pretty please with chocolate on top!
8/7/2014 c20 3Brightheart
I loved this storyyyyyyyy! It was cute!
8/5/2014 c20 Hettie
Hi there,
I just wanted to congratulate you on such an incredibly well-written story. I started reading three days ago and I've been constantly reading virtually all day, every day since. I especially liked the metaphors you used for Jessa and Aaron's first kiss at the carnival: the fire imagery was so powerful and was exactly how I've been feeling lately about my crush :) It also contrasted nicely with the water imagery later in the story (sorry, my inner English major coming out :P). I'm looking forward to your future stuff, and I'm just about to start one of your other stories. Keep up the great work!
8/2/2014 c6 Guest
Thank you so much for writing what has become one of my favourite stories. I'm so glad you finished this story because I've so often been disappointed when an autgor abandons a story that I love. It takes a lot of commitment and imagination to see a story all the way through, so kudos to you. Of couse, I'm also sad to see this story go, as every time I'd see an update from you, it would just make my day (really!). I don't think I can ever say enough about how amazing this story and its characters are, as well as how amazing of a writer you are. I will be eagerly awaiting your next piece and the best of luck to you in your future!
8/2/2014 c20 amama123
I can't believe this story is finished. First story I ever read on fictionpress! I'm so glad that when you mentioned this over on ff I decided to give it a look because this story is unreal.
It'll definitely be one I'll be revisiting later :)
8/2/2014 c20 6imperfectlyokay
Fluff! Gorgeous gorgeous fluff though. And a perfect ending to the story. I really really enjoyed reading Jess and Aaron's story and I'm a bit sad that it's over! But I'm really looking forward to your other stories! Keep those ideas coming hahaha, I'm going through a dry spell and it's no fun at all. Cheers! :)
7/31/2014 c19 GreenstoneRie
I'm just shocked that it ended already! But I'll wait patiently for tomorrow's explanation. Haha
Yes I'm excited for school. Pie and Ice cream! She's really nice :)
7/31/2014 c19 2mandy96
OMG PICKLEEEEES! HELLLOOOOO! Haha I don't know if you remember meee but there's a PM I have not replied to from last timeI'm the one that goes to boarding school :) I'll try to reply to the message when I can I've been a bit busy but right now I am here becaaause your updates get sent to my email hehe and okay let me just say...
NOOOOO I WANT MORE OF AARON AND JESSAAAAA! I can't believe this is over /: I remember when this story wasn't even halfway! Ahhh I love it love it love ittt! Can I just say that I love the way you describe the misses it gives me all the feels and the running race chapter was lovely and yayy it was interesting because I was like Nooo when they got into a fight and then relief when they made up and then eend ); I can't wait for the epilogue!
Oh and my fave dessert is cheesecake
7/24/2014 c18 meetam
YAY I loved it (as usual). I really can't wait until the next chapter because this one left me with so many emotions. The last sentence actually killed me.
My summer is very hot and humid and rainy (Mumbai monsoons lol).
My latest obsession is origami (I BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT!).
My goal is to exercise before field hockey starts. Sigh why is working out so annoying.
7/24/2014 c18 6imperfectlyokay
I loved this chapter :) super intense. I thought her emotions came through perfectly.
6/4/2014 c15 santander
Haha great chapter, but I just have one criticism for you: the metaphors and similes in the end were a little bit overkill- it just got to the point where I was laughing from all the ocean related references.. Other than that, great job! I really enjoyed it haha
5/26/2014 c17 7jinx89
Oh my gosh! I should really find out which chapter I last reviewed but I'm going to cheat and just leave an extra long review! So, here it goes...

I'm sure I've told you before but it never hurts to repeat this - you are an amazingly fantastic writer! I love the characters, I love the banter, I love the whole story! And yes! Heck yeah! This chapter was long but so great.

Jessa and Aaron are super cute together. There's something about their relationship that you've managed to keep so realistic. It's like they're so sweet and kind to one another making them seem like innocent children but at the same time it's not - I mean, their kisses are not of the innocent variety! haha! But seriously their relationship seems so solid with a certain level of carefree to it. It's perfect. And, it's great that you stayed true to their characters. They're obviously being all lovey dovey with each other but they still have their competitive streak. I think this was my favorite part of this chapter: "I got second place. Take that!" It took a moment for his words to sink in, but then I was shoving his shoulder with all the strength I could muster."

And Abigail! Gosh. Part of me was hoping she'd just kind of drop off the face of the earth but it was nice having her in the chapter too. It definitely worked in making Jessa jealous and it was so cute to see her react and stand up for herself like that. She didn't pause to think! Great chapter!

Review Challenge:
1. Favorite part of my bedroom: I kind of took the idea of scrapbooking to a bunch of brightly colored posters and hung them up on my wall. My wall is a giant scrapbook!
2. Favorite love song: Hmm...if I could only pick one song, I think it would be You and Me by Lifehouse
3. My best friend: She's my sistah from anothah mistah! Haha Completely shy until you get to know her but at the same time totally outgoing and down to do anything. Supports all of my ideas no matter how bad they are. Gets all my innuendos and admittedly sometimes inappropriate comments and doesn't get offended by them, rather laughs! Always has a way to cheer me up, never forgets the inside jokes we create, and is just all around amazing!

Oh! and stop writing! Geez...it's like you want me to be a hermit and attach myself to my computer for the rest of my life. I need to find more time to read and write haha I'll have to make my way over to Dreamweaver. It sounds soooo good! I'll get to it soon!

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