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5/12/2018 c50 4R. Ficst
Scary politics indeed. I'm hoping the love and trust can continue to build.
1/13/2018 c50 dragonflight203
Hmm. I'm still not sure Caspar won't do the exact same thing all over again if a similar situation pops up again.

I'm glad to see Justin is starting to explain the demon world to him, but I really hope that there's a more detailed, extensive explanation soon. Caspar is right in some ways - no matter what, he's going to be the at the bottom of the hierarchy - but he doesn't seem to really get what Jinx becoming their clan lord means. At least his husbands prioritize Caspar's happiness. Jinx is primarily focused on his own goals, and his people's happiness come second. He doesn't want them to be unhappy, but he's not going to sacrifice his own objectives to prevent it. Right now Caspar's just catching the tail end of that. I don't think he realizes just how bad it can be.

That said! I really like Jinx. He's willing to compromise within reason, and he does look after his own. Caspar and Co. could do a lot worse for a clan lord.

I'm glad to see Rocco starting to bond with his other husbands. It's good to see Caspar settling in, but at the same time it's sad that he's doing so faster than Rocco who has been there a lot longer. I hope it works out for all of them.

I'm also growing really fond of Justin. He's really trying. Rocco and Caspar aren't the husbands he picked, and bonding with them doesn't come naturally, but he's trying to make this work. The best to him.
10/22/2017 c50 playlessbaby
Great update. I'd like to see more of Marcus, he's an interesting character.
7/29/2017 c50 3morningstorm70
Thank you for the chappies i am very happy
only just now read them i was on another story when you posted

Although you only gave us bits and pieces of what happened at the wedding that's ok
I am looking forward to more
7/21/2017 c50 bloodyM3lody
I finally got caught up! I've been reading this story for a looooong time and I'm so happy to see you updating again. I really enjoy all of your characters and can't wait to see what you have in store for them. I'm excited for you to update so please do so soon!
7/5/2017 c49 5ramblingrobin
That was much less severe than I expected and Cas took it better than I'd imagined. I wonder what will happen next! Xoxo Robin
7/5/2017 c48 ramblingrobin
This chapter made me squee so hard. Love it. And now I can't hate Jinx either! Yet... Xoxo Robin
7/5/2017 c47 ramblingrobin
The way you write Justin is amazing. You've made him such an interesting character. I feel like you could make me forgive him for anything. Looking forward to the punishments... That sounds wrong. Xoxo Robin
7/5/2017 c46 ramblingrobin
Eep! I'm eager and scared to see what the consequences are going to be! Xoxo Robin
7/5/2017 c45 ramblingrobin
I've been dying waiting for the big blowup I knew was going to happen at the party! Omg what's going to happen now? ! Love this story. Xoxo Robin
7/3/2017 c49 Rose
So when can we get back to sexy times? ;)
7/5/2017 c26 ramblingrobin
This chapter is divine, full of sexy sex and emotion. Love it.
7/4/2017 c12 ramblingrobin
I love this chapter!
7/3/2017 c10 ramblingrobin
I'm rereading this to refresh my memory, and what I'm really remembering is why I love this story so much. Love it. Xoxo Robin
6/21/2017 c48 Jean
My favorite character is Rocco - I think there's some hidden depth there that can be teased out. Typically, I'm not fond of cheaters, but he's the perfect character for a redemption story. Really curious about Marcus being an empath and want to read more about him. I think Caspar is a spoiled brat who needs to mature quickly before he drags down the whole family. I was kinda hoping that his coming out party would be an orgy, and he sees the true faces of demons. He doesn't regret his actions, like a teenager hell bent on being right. I want him to open up his eyes, and think of someone else for a change.
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