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6/22/2015 c16 Guest
What do you MEAN you haven't updated in two years?!
12/15/2013 c16 oboeaa4
Must. Have. More.
9/8/2013 c16 4Lolitroy
Hahaha Leigh's rant at the beginning was absolutely adorable (*v*) I really loved it! Who would ever think someone like her would cry over such a think as Beiber... oh well, that's why she never fails to amuse me :D

I don't think Kyle has a thought filter either. You know, this is one of the few, very very few stories in which I love practically every character and don't get annoyed by their presence or level of cliche-ness, because while they have the "hot boy" traits they're unique in all their ways :D

Plus just between you and me, this is the first romance I've enjoyed so much.

Speaking of which...

*fangirl mode activate* a-are my eyes decieving me? Did Josh and Leigh ACTUALLY MAKE UP? But goddamit dat six minutes ;A; they have to properly get together soon! Goodness why are you doing this? Whyyyy and now I'll have to wait a crapload of time until you update again ;A; but the wait's more than worth it.

FANGIRL IS HAPPY BECAUSE THEY AT LEAST TALKED A BIT. And, oh, I see you're only missing one fav for the 50, so since this story is so enjoyable how about I fav it as well :D?

Rant's over now. Bye :D
9/7/2013 c16 de best story
Finaaallly! A new chapter posted, but the wait was definitely worth it. This chapter made me laugh so hard :D, especially the part with them preparing for the dance and when Kyle pokes his head into the room...I honestly wonder how it would be to have your date living in the same house your prepping in O-o. ...The dance actually came faster than I expected 0-o, and Oh. My. God. Only one month 'till graduation :/ :0. I can't wait!
9/7/2013 c16 2mermaidprincesslilian
Next chap! Next chap! Quick, I gotta read the next chap as soon as possible so update real soon!
9/4/2013 c16 izumi123
Ohh...it's totally get rights! Can't wait for an update : )
9/3/2013 c16 NeverNeverLandGirl
I honestly really like Josh and Leigh as a thing. That was cute when Josh admitted he was jealous. I love how Kyle always has her back. I loved the spiked punch bowl. That was hilarious. 'Scotch meets the freaking sugar plum fairy?' LOL! Update soon!
9/3/2013 c16 3TheClosetWriter16
That's so depressing. Honestly. Haha still loved it though :D
Amazing chapter! Josh and her better make up properly.
I can't wait to
8/19/2013 c15 UPDATE
8/10/2013 c15 4Lolitroy
The wait was worth it! I am the 200th reviewer yaaaaaaaaaay!
*throws 200-review party*

Uhurm. Josh is getting really hard to like O_o but my thoughts about him stay the same ;)

They're so darling together... but I agree with other reviewers about how the relationship would end... too bad.
Now I'm looking forward to see what on earth is going inside Josh's mind O_O
*throws a revolution for update*

7/28/2013 c15 6Annything
[We were behind the library, which was official nerd-zone, so I wasn't worried about anyone important coming to make fun of me. ] LOLOL. Don't ask me why I was reading the whole chapter not really paying attention to the review box until I read that.

I don't even know. I feel like I should say something all meaningful here, but I actually just read this for entertainment. Plus I had a 24 hour sleep session and that is still making me feel all out of it and groggy. Drugs, bro. The drugs.

The prescription ones, I mean.

I didn't notice any typos or anything so you're good there. Liked the ending. Ect. Shortest review ever.
7/19/2013 c15 2AmericanBeauty-AmericanPsycho
So I started reading this chapter and i forgot what happened before (bad memory i guess) so i just went back and read the whole thing last night and today. It's just as amazing as i remembered it to be & this chapter was no disappointment. You're an amazing writer and i love you 3

PS: I LOVE 90210. And Supernatural...i think you made a reference to that earlier in the story? Do you watch that too?
7/15/2013 c15 Nuffin-Muffin
I love this story :) please update soon! !
7/15/2013 c14 de best story
Wow. You spent a lot of time on 90210. Honestly, I know how it feels when you start something, but you get distracted by another thing, and you completely forget about that other thing. Yep. My goal today is to abuse the word 'thing'. This actually happened to my friend. She was SO involved with this murder show-note:she is REALLY weird(most feminine girls do not enjoy murder shows. I'm pretty sure is going to have A LOT of nightmares)-that she completely forgot about her story. For so many months, she only had like...FOUR chapters. You know, I just realized this, but one of the characters from All Along was named Aden Mcadams. It made me think of this exact story. I guess I just have unusual connecctions with stories and character names-OR I'm crazy. But I prefer the first option-for obvious reasons. Two thumbs up for this story-because I only HAVE two thumbs. I. CAN'T. WAIT.
7/14/2013 c15 Dreaminglight
I don't get it. Why doesn't Leigh just tell the principal or something about what happened to her nose. I know she'd then be considered a snitch but isn't it better to destroy Josh reputation among the teachers cause well... He hit a girl. Isn't it? And the part where she said that she got attacked by a bat while eating was so stupid it was hilarious ! As if that would ever happen to anyone in reality or in dreams ! Lol!
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