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1/21/2014 c2 13Revamp
Interesting little back information on Ferdi's human form. It's nice to see that you gave some insight to who the characters are behind the game.

A bard of rock and roll is an unique and interesting concept. Great fight with the Alpha Wolf. It was wonderfully executed and I am still impressed with your action scenes. You have a great variety of characters cropping up and their diversity in attacks is also wonderful. Kageichi's Typhoon Ass Kick was humorous as well.

For a moment, I thought they would have to destroy the Alpha Wolf but the song was able to turn him back. I wonder who was playing it and what relevance they have to the plot's advancement. I will read more later.

Great story you have so far. A true gem among the vast amount of manga stories here.
1/21/2014 c1 Revamp
I like how you go in depth on the dynamics of the fursona game and cover the intricacies within it. Your description is very good and I have a clear image of your characters and their world inside of my head. I'd have to say that I find this strikingly similar to .Hack, however. I do hope that it gets away from such similarities, and part of me is inclined to think that .Hack may have been your inspiration for this work.

This seems to be an information dump chapter, giving the basic dynamics and structure of your world as well as a description of characters as well. Nice action in the fight with Feral Bear, also you seems to be setting the stage with something nefarious in the background. With the plot to hack a monster in the game. Your action was beautifully described and your story engrossing. Great job.
9/12/2013 c9 3Author Imagination 2007
Whoa...that's completely awesome! Definitely worth the wait! Can't wait to see more!

-AniUniverse '05

BTW, check out my FictionPress fic!
4/2/2013 c8 Author Imagination 2007
Yo...that's a whole lot of action and awesomeness here! Kageichi knows how to kick insane butt! Post more ASAP!

PM me back if you're interested in some story ideas for FictionPress.

-AuthImagi '07

P.S.: Are Ichi and Ren from Kung Fu Panda or are they different?
1/26/2013 c1 2jinrebust
Out of this world (wanna-be cool boy translation out-of-this-world meaning,to eat pie) yep it's that good I though I wouldn't a story where the characters are all in animal form but because it was a viral reality (I love the genre) I gave it a try and i'm convinced that it was my destiny to see such an amazing story
1/21/2013 c7 4YelloMage Iero
A great chapter, as usual. Probably the most well-written one thus far... but you did seem to drop more mistakes with punctuation in your rush. Still, I definitely look forward to reading the next chapter! So, hurry! Er... I mean... I can wait a bit, sure. Eheh...
1/21/2013 c7 3Author Imagination 2007
That was definitely epic! Wonder what would happen if Kageichi steps back in with the others! Post more!

-AuthImagi '07

PM me back because I seriously need to tell you the plot of my original story that I hope I get to do.
12/11/2012 c6 Author Imagination 2007
Man, that was an insanely awesome chapter! I'm certain that Kageichi's gonna take down that dragon.

-AuthImagi '07

Can't wait for more!
12/10/2012 c6 4YelloMage Iero
Welp, this was certainly an interesting way to develop the rivalry between Fran and Croix, with a special event quest...
Anyways, great job as usual, and I look forward to any more appearances from Rikari...I think I have a new favorite character... :D
12/4/2012 c5 YelloMage Iero
Senpai! YES! Time for random P4 references!
...You know what, I'm too tired for those. Great chapter, and I'm really looking forward to the next. Also, Storm seems to be rather mature for a 14 year old...hmm...and a "love stuck puppy"...I look forward to seeing these characters' bonds deepen further, though I admit I kinda missed Ferdi...
12/3/2012 c5 3Author Imagination 2007
Kageichi's in an adventure with his buds. Worth waiting to see this! Can't wait to see what kinds of hilarious adventures Kageichi's going in.

-AuthImagi '07
12/2/2012 c4 4YelloMage Iero
Awww, I was gonna use a character named Croix in a MMO fic...oh well.
Anyways, the plot seems to be working out well, but I have issues imagining some of these characters...be a teeny bit more descriptive, pretty pwease? But anyways, this is a good story and I look forward to watching it evolve.
10/26/2012 c4 3Author Imagination 2007
Ichi and the team completely kicked butt at the coliseum! Can't wait to see more!

-AuthImagi '07

I hope I make some original fics here someday. PM me if you want to hear some ideas I have.
8/27/2012 c3 Author Imagination 2007
Wonder how they'll find the treasure! Excited about what happens next!

-AuthImagi '07

I hope to go back and make some more original fics here. Also feel free to PM me if you want to.
8/20/2012 c2 Author Imagination 2007
Wow...somebody's ticked. Hilarious and awesome! Can't wait to see more!

-AuthImagi '07

I hope to go back and make original stories here one day.
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