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11/27/2012 c50 1lobsterwife
I really admire how dedicated you are! Jeez 2500 pages? I've never finished a story before in my life! Back when I started reading this series I thought it wouldn't be finished since most stories I read on FP are incomplete, and I'm so glad you're dedicated to telling your story and your fans! I'm so excited to read the next installment! I also noticed you didn't say it was the last book? Hmmmm? Phinn teaching Turner how to fight is the cutest thing ever okay? And when Turner just bluntly said Elena was Phinn's lady I was not prepared for this world OMG. I really hope Elena and Anya come to a mutual understanding because I think Anya could help her figure out what's up with the Chaste Beauty mythos? Like what actually happens when you Awaken in the Clouds. I'm just excited to see if there's a time skip or if we follow the month with these four? Either way it'll be super adorable and interesting and BEAUTIFUL. THANK YOU for such a wonderful book. Thank you for making my OTP canon. This is nuts but Phinn and Elena are probably my favorite fictional couple in the world, and I want to scream my feeling at people, but I have no one lol. So I got my sister to start reading the series. She loves Lawson and calls your series The Kingdom of Pain because whenever something bad happens I just start wailing alone in my room lol. NEXT BOOK AHHDDH!
11/25/2012 c49 lobsterwife
I'M CRYING. YOU'RE KILLING ME SLOWLY. This living arrangement is possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to me omg. I actually had a theory that Elena and Turner would stay with Phinn on the Storms a while ago? And that was even before Turner's Kingdom went kaput. BUt oHHHHHHH. I'm so excited. Will Storms start out a month after the events of this book? Or maybe it'll be about the month? I'M JUST SO HAPPY ABOUT THE FUTURE! Sorry for my crazy caps lock button abuse, but this is just so cute. Maybe we'll find out more about Turner and Anya's relationship? And oh YES Anya's reaction to the Phinn/Elena-ness. Definitely can't wait for that. I mean, she acted like a possessive mother-in-law even before they got together, so I can only imagine what she's going to act like now. And Cole is such a precious silly boy, I love him so much. He said he'd miss Elena ;A; I'M SCREAMING. THIS IS SO EXCITING. GOD BLESS YOU.
11/24/2012 c48 lobsterwife
Wahhhh. This was such a cute chapter I can't. I needed this after all the drama and intense craziness that was happening for the last five-ten chapters haha. Everything about this was just adorable and sad and so so so cute. I was actually tearing up when Turner and Sage hugged, and then I was even more weepy when Turner and Ryder were hugging. YES EVERYONE HUG. It heals my poor heart ;A; Phinn and Elena cuteness, and Lawson's lie. And and and Garrett and Sage AND QUENTIN. Even though he was snapping at everyone, he was doing it because he didn't want anyone to get hurt. I'm so emotional right now. What a lovely chapter. I really like when things are quiet, and the Sons sort of act like a normal family. But arghh what a sweet chapter. I like to think Elena's optimism is her superpower, y'know? She has the power of positive thinking! I'm glad everyone is okay. :)
11/23/2012 c47 lobsterwife
DAMNNNN. What a good chapter DAMN. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I will also swear to become a Clinton Fan Girl over him bringing Lawson back ;A; Not to mention he was acting all super tough and cool in this chapter. Arghjhjhhghghgh I thought Lawson was gone for sure. But now all my worries have transferred to the three magic bros. I don't want any of them to die :( I'll repeat myself again, you said this book would be much lighter sob sob. I'm finding this to be the most exciting one yet! And Hunt is super proper dead, isn't he? Well until he comes back as a demon... I'm excited to see what happens next for everyone. I'm so nervous arguhghghgh.
11/22/2012 c46 lobsterwife
YOU CAN'T END IT THERE NO WAY NO WAY NOOOO. OH MY GOD. I'm really scared right now NOOO. He's okay, right? This is huge. OHGDJFDJ. Probably the most heart pounding climax in the entire series (which I applaud you for), but omgdfdfd. Is Lawson really dead? I'd like to believe that this is the same too, like Elena thought, with Cole and Hayden... but is he really? That would definitely shake things up... gosh. I don;t know what to say? Guess I'll have to wait until the next chapter comes out (which will be soon ;A;). Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for this series and how it makes me cry and how fast it updates. Bless you U_U
11/22/2012 c46 JdSlash
NOOOOOOOO! DONT LET LAWSON DIIIIEEEEEE! Its times like these where I wish Elena could do more, but in a realistic situation what could she do...BUT NOOOOOOO DONT LET LAWSON DIIIIEEEEE! HAPPY THANKSGIVING BTW!
11/20/2012 c45 lobsterwife
AOHGDHFJD. I'm super hyped up right now. Why did I read this before going to sleep ;A; Booooo Hunt stay away from these darlings they don't need you and your jerk ass BS ruining everything. I am praying with my entire self that everyone makes it out. Yes, even Clinton, but only cuz it would be bad if his soul got stripped. I'm so anxious right now I caaaaan't. Also all the Lawson/Elena friendship in this book makes me happy :D Ughdjfhdjfhd I'm excited for the big showdown I'm assuming is coming in the next few chapters. I mean, there are only five left 0_0 I hope they get him too! GO TEAM. FIIIIIIIIIIIGHTING.
11/19/2012 c44 lobsterwife
JJAHHSJDHSJDS. I CAN;T ONO. I have such bad bad feelings bad everything right now I am so DONE. First off, poor Turner :( It must be awful to lose that connection to your Kingdom. RIP Hail :( :( :( But seriously, this is the most stressed out I've ever been near the end of the books. Like I'm freaking out right now, so worried over these dummies. You all better stay alive, or else I'll cry. Will this be the last of Hunt? I'm not sure since we have one book left (?). But like it was said earlier, that blessed weapon would only destroy one of his two souls, the greedy son of a gun. But yeah, serious tears in my eyes over Turner in this chapter. I keep saying this in every review, but maaan I hope everyone gets a happy ending. Turner can live in a nice house where he can drink all the champagne he wants ;A; Poor guy. I'm so mushy, I have sympathy for all the characters (except for HUNT BOOO). Ughhg so nervous.
11/18/2012 c43 lobsterwife
I'm WEEEPING. No this is not okay. I am not okay with anything right now sob sob. Of course something like this would happen. But seriously, I have no words. This was a very emotional chapter damn. I can honestly say I didn't expect for this to happen? God, I just feel awful for everyone. Just when Lawson's leg has healed his dummy brother goes all nuts on him UGHJFHD. At least Phinn understood how big he screwed up and didn't try to fight being shackled up. But I feel SO DISAPPOINTED IN HIM? I mean, I know it's the poison's effects and stuff, and he didn't MEAN to do it, but I still hate when he gets all crazy violent that ;A; I can't handle all of this omg. Do you enjoy seeing me in pain? I bet you do :(
11/16/2012 c41 lobsterwife
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. What a good chapter. I know it's awful, but seeing Elena get into scrapes like that really shows her character. Girl's got some courage, and you have to respect that. I love her so much I want to cry ;A; But someone should have told her how to use a gun before this went down lol. Poor thing. Hmm! This chapter sort of touched on my confusion about Elena's origins? It's interesting how, when her "life" passed before her eyes, she only thought back to whens she was first Awakened (I got kind of emotional over that, not gonna lie. Remember when things were oh so simple *sigh). I wonder if this is important? I hope this gets cleared up because I'm really interested in her birth and the Chaste Beauties in general. Their mythology is great, and it's one of the things I love about this series.

Anyway, AHH Lawson you're such a hero. Good job waking up at the exact right time so Elena wouldn't be dead oh lord. It's heartbreaking. When she said there were things she wanted to do, and memories she wanted to build on. It's so sad, really. I want her to go on adventures with the Sons for the rest of her life. I want Elena to be happy! (Cause honestly, after all of this is over do you really think she'll allow herself to live all by herself? NOPE.) I so admire Elena's persistence and her courage and her strong will. She needs to be there with everyone, and I love her spirit. She won't let anything stop her. It's so interesting because... Elena's still sort of timid and scared and confused, but she's brave at the same time. I JUST LOVE HER. Also, awww Lawson and Elena :') Reminds me of the old days. BEFORE THINGS GOT SO MESSY haha. I love the mess, just saying. I NEED MORE CHAPTERS UGHJDHFJDHFD. BOOK 6 IS ALMOST OVER. And then BOOK 7 IS THE END? I don't know what I'll do ;A;

But I'm working on a surprise for you when you finish up book six! It's kind of lame, but oh well. I want to make nice things for your story because you work so hard, and it's such a good thing in my life :) Long review is long. I'm sorry ;A;
11/14/2012 c40 lobsterwife
Yay! Another chapter to start off the day :D Maaan, I never knew how much I missed Quentin, Sage, and Ryder until we saw them again! Sometimes I forget Ryder is fifteen haha. She seems so mature for a fifteen year old, but then again, she's still sort of spoiled what with the whole party thing. Though I kind of want her to have a party too haha. She deserves a nice one after what she had to go through!

Quentin is a scary person too maaan. I was getting nervous when they were in the car. His childhood was so sad :( It's really awful what his mother did to him. Do you understand why I want everyone to be happy haha. The torture you put these characters through! But it makes me think of how Quentin will be as a father. I think he'll be a good one? Like he'll try his best to be a good father, and he has Jenny to help him. I'm so interested in their relationship, like their story, you know? We know how they met, but idk, in retrospect they must have gone through a lot.

And oh no! Elena is left behind once again. I really hope she stays put. I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this mission the others are going on. I also have a bad feeling that Elena is going to get herself into some trouble. Hmmm thanks for the chapter!
11/13/2012 c39 lobsterwife
I KNEW IT. When they last mentioned Hunt had a female informant I KNEW IT WAS HER. It was either her or Lady Cecilia, but *spoiler* makes so much more sense. This is BAD. Why would she join forces with Hunt? Is it magic? Like did he magically manipulate her? Or maybe they had a relationship before he died. I know Hunt was also in the Audience as well. Hmmm this is just plain bad. At this point, I don't know where the story is going, and that's exciting and scary haha. Hopefully the gang can find the Kingdom of Voices because I'm worried about everyone.

Also, I was in tears when Quentin, Sage, and Ryder found out about Elena and Phinn. I don't know why I find it so hilarious, but it's great. It also makes me think about Anya's reaction. That'll be good omfg.
11/11/2012 c38 lobsterwife
Awwwwwwwww *-* Sage and Garrett are such adorable dummies. I like them together a lot, and I hope they have a happy life together wahhh. Garrett don't die or anything. I'll be crushed. Things are so tense now urghh. Like I said, I just want everyone to be together. Dumb Hunt. Why must you hurt me in this way... ;A;
11/8/2012 c37 lobsterwife
ARHGHHGHG NOOO. More cliffhangers pls help me I'm dying over here. I can't deal with the cliffhanger chapters ;A; The stakes are higher than ever, what with Hunt's Soul Stripping business, and I'm more worried then ever before eeeeeeekdhdj. I just want everyone to be okay and happy and together, but obviously that's not happening right now. I swear, I get so anxious reading these chapters haha.

It's true that Elena's past doesn't really exist, and that's kind of sad to me? Like her entire childhood doesn't exist anymore? I hope she changes her way of thinking on that, I don't know... Also I'm sort of confused about the Chaste Beauties and the "other world". If it doesn't exist, then how was Elena born? Like I never understood that? I might have to go back and read, but was she born in the world she is in now? I don't really get it haha. But anyway, it's sad :( I feel bad for her, but I guess it's smart to accept it. She has more important things to think about right now anyway.

I do like Elena's tendency to ask lots of questions though haha. She gets a lot of info out of people! Why did Clinton curse Lawson? urghhg this is so upsetting. Maybe it's a helpful type of curse? I don't know anything about magic either haha.
11/6/2012 c35 lobsterwife
Uhgjdhgdj this is a good chapter. I like these sort of slow ones where not much is happening, but the characters have nice conversations with each other. I think Lawson and Elena have this lovely friendship, and I'm glad it's not ruined because of what happened. I liked that Lawson pointed out how much he's changed too! All of the Sons are radically different in some aspects. Like Sage and Turner are slowly becoming more understanding of each other, and Cole wants to be more heroic, and it's all so nice.

I can actually picture Elena and Lawson being friends for a long time, even after all of this is over. He was the first Son she met on her journey, and they have a good bond. I sort of like them having a brother/sister relationship more than a romantic one, but that's just my opinion Also I agree that Lawson could find a wife easy haha. He'd treat her well, I think. Just like Ryder and Jenny said!

I'm sort of in love with Elena's truthiness about when she fell for Phinn, and the feelings she got. It's kind of beautiful that she would get those feelings from seeing him at his most vulnerable instead of in a point of bravery or heroics. Because Elena is so obsessed with getting Phinn to reveal himself to her, when he did she sort of fell in love with him (pls excuse my use of the word "love", Elena). Goooodshdjs I am so invested in their dumb relationship. Why do you do this to me ;A; I just want to write essays on why they're so interesting, and why their dynamic is so great. I hope they get to go on that date after all of this is done with because it'd be super cute, right?

Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter! I'm also worried about everyone else, but I'm keeping the faith! The Sons are tough, and Olivier is a brave gal. (Sometimes I remember this is book six, and the next book is probably the last one! I hope you write more stories after this series because I love your work, and your ethic, and how quickly you update and put up with my awful prattling! But I am your number one fan haha, so there's that).
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