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11/3/2012 c33 1lobsterwife
If I was Elena I'd be a hot mess right about now. Seriously, I am not good under pressure. Keep staying strong, girl! You're my hero ;A; I'm real nervous about the four of them being split up, but maybe now we'll get some good insight into Irving and his relationship with Clinton and blah blah blah. Also, I'm also worried about the others being with Hunt noooooooooo babies ;A;
10/30/2012 c32 lobsterwife
argjhdhfgjdf noooooooooooooo whyyyyyyy this is really upsetting ;A; I hate it when everyone is kidnapped, it makes me so anxious. Will Hunt realize that Turner and Cole's Thars are gone? What will happen to them then? Hopefully he won't... but I'm not optimistic about that. Urhgjdhfjd I'm having flashbacks to the last book where things kept going wrong and got wrong-er. Let's give the heroes a chance to win for once haha. Poor darlings, pls don't DIE ANY OF YOU EVEN CLINTON WHO I DON'T LIKE TOO MUCH BUT STILL. *sob*
10/29/2012 c31 lobsterwife
Oh god and this update started with so much adorable Elena introspection ;A; Then it got all scary and put down COLE NOO STOP. My poor darling he's already died once, pls leave him alone. Anyway, let's go back to how adorable Elena (and Phinn by proxy) was in this update. Ughjdh she's so cute I can't handle it. I always love when she has these rambling inner monologues. Shh sweetie it's okay. My feelings on this are, Elena- though the narrator and other characters like to point out how silly and dumb she is most of the time- over thinks things to a hilarious degree.

Really, I think love is something you just fall into? It's something comfortable, I guess. It happens and you don't realize it. I wish there was another word for love that wasn't love haha. Elena and Phinn have this really sweet, slow, reluctant, awkward, clumsy relationship, and I don't think "love" is the word that should be attached to it? I'm rambling , sorry. But like... Elena has these ideas of what love is (which, if I'm reading into this right, is love equals marriage), and obviously her relationship with Phinn sort of turns all of it on its head, as exhibited in her cute inner monologue. Oh sweetie just have fun! Well... as much fun as you can have when you're being attacked by some Big Bad *sigh*

Also wanted to show my undying love for Cole and Turner in this update. What dorks. Oh Cole, you need to keep your trap shut sometimes haha. Elena and Phinn's relationship has been outed by cute hand holding DEAR LORD. This story is perfect and you're perfect for writing it.
10/28/2012 c30 FaseUnit
My heart gives a little 'hurrah' of joy whenever you update
10/27/2012 c30 fanX2
Oh great! What a cliffhanger! But I think the whole thing with Clinton and his mom will come back. I've come to learn with this series that if something is mentioned even just once, then it'll probably come back into play later. even if its three books later.
10/27/2012 c30 lobsterwife
AHRJKHJ cliffhanger :( I had a feeling Hunt was tracking them by Chase Beauties. I mean, it might not be true, but it's a good theory. And if it IS true then I feel bad for Elena :( I know she thinks she's being selfish for behaving like that, but geesh it's kind of sad, right? She was inadvertently putting her friends in danger, and I'd probably feel the same way if I knew. I loved Olivier comforting her, because it was so gentle and sweet. Olivier is one of my favorites, actually? I mean, you got to respect a girl who's been thrust into such a crazy world, and expected to have visions and run away from bad guys, and she had to go up against Eva and shit. She's real brave! And I think Elena and her will be BFFs after this whole thing is over. SPeaking of Elena's BFFs, I wonder how Jenny's doing? I miss her too haha.

Arhgjghj what's going ON? Next chapter we will find out :D
10/24/2012 c26 Shan
dear author,
thanks 4 putting in a sweet moment between lawson and elena. he's always so caring towards her :)
10/19/2012 c26 lobsterwife
Ahh I was so happy to see a chapter! Seriously, updates make my day so much better. Especially updates where things seem to being going all right, and Cole is back wooo! Little precious jerk. I've been missing him haha. And can we please see drunk!Cole oh my god. I can only imagine what hijinks would ensue from that. ! I'm excited about a lot things right now! Cole's return, Lawson can walk again, Lawson and Elena are friends again! I wonder if there will be even more tension between Phinn and Lawson now haha. Oh Elena, girl, you're in the middle of some weird shojo anime or something.

I have a theory about how Hunt's tracking them... and it might be Elena? Wouldn't that be crazy? I mean, he hasn't really shown her any harm during their encounters, not that I can remember anyway, and maybe he's keeping her safe because she's how he's tracking them? Or maybe he tracks them by Chaste Beauty? Hmm lots of possibilities, but it's definitely not a Thar. So bring on the drunk Cole! Thank you for writing :) See you next chapter!
10/18/2012 c25 lobsterwife
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLEDSDSL. First of all, Phinn you're such a dummy. It makes sense that he doesn't know how to properly kiss a girl in a practiced, gentlemanly way (pssst Elena maybe you should fix that). I felt sort of bad because I was laughing at how awkward they are, but then I realized how like... honest it is? Like I never expected them to start a relationship and then have everything magically become not awkward and not weird at some parts. I thought when Elena kissed him on the cheek was adorable though sigh.

The other thing I loved about this chapter was Daddy Phinn taking care of everyone. Like Elena, I am also enraptured by this newly mature, awesome Dad Phinn, and I hope this type of behavior continues? It sort of suits him, I guess. I mean, he's not the oldest like Lawson, or the most mature like Quentin, but he has this gruff, kind of innocent, honest way about him? Like his nagging about Turner, and how concerned he was about him, made me really happy. Daddy Phinn and Mommy Elena are the best happpy sigh (I'm getting way ahead of myself, but wouldn't they make the cutest parents omg let them babysit Jenny and Quentin's baby and we'll see how that turns out haha).

And I'm glad we found that out about Phinn and Turner. It's not too surprising to me that Anya took him, since Phinn and Turner always did seem pretty close? Though it is surprising that Anya DECIDED to take him in? That woman seriously confuses me. And poor poor Turner. That boy needs A BREAK. He also needs a hug :(
10/15/2012 c24 lobsterwife
Woahhhfjh good chapter. This book is shaping up to be one of my favorites. I'm really interested to see how Phinn knows Hunt doesn't have the Storms? Is it a CB feeling, or does he know for sure? Either way, that's awesome! And I love how you can see the changes Phinn has been going through over the course of the series in this chapter. He said he wouldn't change for Elena, but I think he's changing for himself? Like he doesn't have to change because she wants him to, because he's already heading in that direction. SIGH. I love this series.
10/11/2012 c22 MLV78
We all know Elena is not someone who is capable of staying put. I want them to find Turner! He has been through enough. Then again, they've all been through enough, really...
10/11/2012 c18 fanx2
yay! Those guys are awesome at killing baddies. I kjnew i liked Garrett from the beginning, but I guess i can like Clinton too.
10/11/2012 c17 fanx2
I knew it! i knew things couldnt stay all happy and easy. I like it when theyre all hapy but I also like it when theyre super serious.
10/11/2012 c16 Fanx2
Awww that was such a sweet chapter even though I know things are goin to get bad soon. I always liked it when Elena was with Lawson but looking at these chapters, I know its pretty obvious shes meant to be with Phinn.
10/11/2012 c15 fanx2
I knew things couldn:t keep going well for very much longer! I bet things iwll get a lot worse before they get better.
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