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6/2/2014 c25 Sinelle
I accidentally posted my review before I'd finished it ahh... But the one that began "Oh Boooone" was me lol. ANYWHOO. I cannot wait for the sequel! It'll be something awesome to look forward to after boring uni exams this month lol. Well done with Vertigo and thanks again for an amazing journey! Xx
(Now, on to read Sahara!)
6/2/2014 c25 Guest
Boooone... Oh, man. You really annoy me, man, and yet I can't help but love you haha!
That was incredible. I don't even remember when I tuned in to this story, but it's been over a year now for sure... So thanks for that incredible year! You won't believe how invested I've become in this story! I think the ending was just perfect!
6/2/2014 c25 nizza
I loved the whole story till now...will wait eagerly for sequel and i hope not to be dissapointed. Also a request plz do not involve cheating by the main character through gibson...it will be interesting to watch both leads realising romance a little differently...otherwise all stories become same..cheating , realising, loving...
Otherwise its your story...your way.
6/2/2014 c25 angelove11
Loved your story I finished it in two days it was so fun to read can not wait for more! :D
6/1/2014 c25 T
Honestly, this chapter...how can one person be SO amazing?! This chapter may be my favorite chapter...you made me smile at the imaginary friend named Macaroni, LOL!...made me feel a twinge of happiness (because I thought, well maybe this will have a 'happily ever after' ending), bitterness (when that didn't happen) and yet I felt okay with it because of just how REAL and organic their situation felt! Life is messy like that sometimes and you captured that so well! Your writing gives me SHIVERS...this chapter sure did for me! I love the myriad of emotions I went through reading this last chapter, and by the end you left me excited of what's to come next.

I feel honored to be your go-to DC informant, lol! I should warn you that Google's my go-to. ;-p

6/1/2014 c25 1surrendertomusic
Whoa! I was totally not expecting this last chapter. In fact, I wasn't expecting another chapter at all. I thought ch. 24 was the last one! LOL.

Awwwwww Boone! Him and his attachment issues. But it's okay because him and Jenna are meant to be anyway and it'll all work out. I can't freakin wait to read the sequel of their journey and how they manage to do so(; until next time (which is hopefully very soon)! 3
5/31/2014 c25 3UltimateDestiny
That was so amazing! I'm so excited for the sequel. I was wondering if maybe you could write that one from Boone's POV. Just a thought. It would be interesting to know what's going in that mans head. You know? :P
5/30/2014 c25 luzanima
Very excited to see the sequel! And I'm definitely heading to look at that one-shot now as well.

At first I was frustrated with where Boone and Gem ended things here, but it is certainly a lot more realistic. And I had to remind myself - there'll be a whole sequel for them to figure it out! And one of my favorite plot devices - the honeymoon cover! Great writing and I'm looking forward to more from you.
5/30/2014 c25 A
At first I was like ' no ! No ! No !' When I read ' the end ' till I read the word 'sequel'. Wow ! Quite a journey with this story eh ? Absolutely amazing story with a really good plot and research done . Looking forward to your next work Carmel! 3
5/30/2014 c25 2HoleInTheWall
I wouldn't go so far as to call Boone predictable but good golly miss holly what wouldn't I give to have a peek at the inner workings of that hunka man's mind! (insert howl of frustration). I'm pretty sure all the readers of this final chapter had released a collective gasp when Boone just tried to cut and run, not to mention lie straight to Gemma's face. But don't you worry Gemma, we'll be cheering from the sidelines! At least you had the usually unperturbed Boone confused and thanks to that a sequel is on the way. So yey!

Miss Carmel March, would you be introducing new characters? How 'bout Gemma's family? Or Boone's? Ah! Never mind! Don't answer me! Just surprise us with yet another one of your genius writings. I'm just so excited for the next installment of this one!

All my blabbering and madness aside, it's nice that you maintain consistency in your characters' behavior and personality. I think it's kind of refreshing(?).

Thank you for this chapter and I'm now looking forward to the next one. As always, good luck and cheers, sister!
5/29/2014 c25 captainmoosen
ahhhh i hope that sequel comes soon! i'm dying over here! they're finally together!...well, at least sort of hahah
5/29/2014 c25 Zippy Gonzalez
oh my godddddd. it's weird how I was wondering when you'll update the next chapter earlier today and lo and behold, I had a surprise in my email from you.

Thank you for taking us readers on this spectacular journey! I love Gemma and Boone and will remember them forever. Your writing is impeccable and immaculate, and really hope you write more stories in the mere future.

I can't wait for the sequel, and until then, ADIOS and see you soon Carmel! Thank you again for this amazing story!
5/29/2014 c22 Guest
oh my god that whole last part was so great
5/29/2014 c25 1HighOnAirGurl
I actually cried because this story is over and it was wrapped up so well with so much emotion. I personally loved the ending with the 'ready rook?" comment :) I also loved so many lines in this, especially the one about how actions were their thing, not words! So well written and such a fantastic, mindblowingly good story. I will read anything you write, thank you for sharing!
5/29/2014 c25 Lacie
you write so beautifully, this story takes my breath away
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