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for Souvenirs From Dead Worlds

6/2/2019 c23 Ananim
I literally just completed a full sci fi smut book within a day. Really. I'm just glad it was a completed book.
IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOD. I was so so glad they got to save Seba. I has grown quite attached to him after the first couple meetings only and therhihght of him dying didnt stick well with me.
Kias and Sam's relationship throughout the book was honestly one if the best things I've ever read. One would expect Sam to always play a dominant role in sex in such an arrangement so their first time with Kias doing the fucking was a VERY PLEASANT SURPRISE. All in all, absolutely freaking loved this story and will probably reread it sometime. All 105k glorious words of it.
12/14/2017 c23 Mikealfaxray
Wow, this was a cute and wonderful story. Some stories take me time to get into it, but this was just captivated me from the first chapter. The world building was amazing. The plot was simple and somewhat predictable, but I still loved it. The characters, Kias and Sam, were pretty well thought out, though I think they changed way too quickly in such a short amount of time. It was kinda jarring. I really really liked how you handled the trauma aspect with Kias and really focused on it, instead of glossing it over. I do think that the progression of the relationship was very sudden though. It happened within days, and even though the story was told slowly, it was still something that was on the forefront of my mind. I really liked Seba, probably my favorite character not gonna lie. I do think the ending fell flat. It felt rushed and was just... unfulfilling. It tied all the loose ends but I wish it would've been explored more. I did notice some grammatical mistakes. Mostly missing commas, but I was able to read everything without confusion, so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, I loved it. Thanks for the journey.
3/3/2016 c23 havreflarn
Wow, what a beautiful story! I don't read scifi often as it's really not my cup of tea. But I'm glad I did give this wonderful piece a chance. I liked your cjaracter building, I really loved the dynamic between Sam and Kias and how it changed when they started talking and how Kias was the dominant part in bed although they really were gentle with each other. And smart Seba! I'm so grateful they got him safe.
Though the end felt a bit rushed, I would have loved to read more about how Seba copes with the new world and also I felt somehow a bit betrayed that there wasn't any "I love you"'s between Sam and Kias. But nevertheless you made very believable and real charcters and I thank you for sharing this story!
2/3/2016 c23 Rhodry-Arterius
Gaahh I loved this story, sequel please please please please.
1/17/2016 c23 Guest
Very sudden ending, but a good story nonetheless. Thank you for sharing it.
4/14/2015 c1 aynaarah
..I could contest the merits of a story that starts with "shit..".. sure my fav stories usually start with "it was a raining day".. but that is just my view of things.. ..however I so enjoyed the story and all the rich significations and all the issues that arise from what is important to save, to cultural impact, to lobbying and so on..
..I would analyze the merits of dead things staying dead or dying..
.. Sam and his people have a position of power where dying worlds are through Seba's example available resources.. resources that can be used to defeat the enemy drones.. maybe even restore the dead..
.. would there be a continuation like turning undead or putting down the common enemy?

ty for your story :)
11/5/2014 c22 5ramblingrobin
Yay! Notification of this chapter got lost in my inbox. I was happy to notice it today! I love this story and its characters. It was such a sweet chapter, too, with Kias giving himself to Sam. Loved it. I look forward to the next chapter, as always.
9/10/2014 c22 flutterbye
Ahh love love love this chapter! Hoping very hard that they make it back in tine for Seba. And do you know how much i love dominant Kias? :D thank you for writing, please post more soon!
9/9/2014 c22 Nbsiren
cuddle time :)
7/25/2014 c21 1Aisling Ni Riain
Love this story.
5/7/2014 c1 Myra Aliquis
I'm terrible at reviews, so I just wanted to let you know that I love this story, especially Kias, he is both adorable and awesome.
4/7/2014 c21 Talysse
I love characters! They are so cool! If drones are more evoluted than them, so how didn't attack their planet?
4/5/2014 c21 Nbsiren
I hope they get approved to bring Seba back
4/4/2014 c21 Camille Noir
Awww so much sweetness. I'd been missing this story too! I love Kias in general, but he was too cute in this chapter. Mother-hen Sam is to die for too. Great chapter, you've got a great grasp on transmitting your characters personalities. Can't wait to see how it goes with the Marshal. Best wishes writing the next one!
1/18/2014 c16 4miaou
I love all your stories. I read all of them today. I love them all. I am so happy.
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