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2/14/2013 c1 Guest
Thank you for udating your summary. It is greatly appreciated. The promptness of your response is also appreciated. Good luck on your endeavors.
2/12/2013 c4 1Shelby Rebecca
Kimberlee, send me a message and I'll email it to you.
2/12/2013 c4 Kimberlee
I was legit on Chapter 16 when you removed this. PLEASE PUT IT BACK! I WAS IN LOVE WITH IT. At least let me finish it...
2/12/2013 c1 Shelby Rebecca
I wanted to apologize to those of you were reading and then the content was removed. I've entered SADIE'S MOUNTAIN in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. I needed to remove the content and since tomorrow is the announcement of the winners for round one, I felt it should come down today. I'm so sorry to disappoint. I didn’t mean to interrupt you in the middle of reading the book. Just to be clear, all of the content is now removed so as not to get you hooked and then leave you hanging. That was not my intention. Once again, I’m sorry.
2/12/2013 c8 Guest
I feel as if I've been lied to! You left just enough here to get the readers hooked, and then you just leave us hanging! That's rude and mean! It's also the main reason I wont be looking for further info on this piece of work, or anything else that you may produce! I know I'm being mean and rude but, right now at this moment in time I'm extremely hurt, upset and disappointed. In the future, it would be appreciated if you'd let the reader know of your intentions. Please do so by putting a disclaimer in the summary. That way we know exactly what we're getting ourselves into.
2/7/2013 c1 lilmama23
WOW! I want to start off by saying this story was AMAZING. I absolutly loved it. You are an incredible writer. I have read many stories on FictionPress and this is my absolute favorite. When I read, I can usually see the story in my mind as a movie. With your writing I was able to feel like I was living the story. The details you wrote with, helped me feel all of the emotions you characters were going through. I could feel the pain, angst, love, happiness, heartache, every emotion they felt. I laughted and cried. I got angry at situations they found themselves in. It was the most heart felt story as of yet that I have read. Please keep writing more. I will read anything you write. Good job! Will there be a sequal or more stories from you? Amazing, once again!
1/26/2013 c30 mama
Shelby I wasn't able to finish my comment. when she free herself from Donnie and took her stance aimed that gun and fired wounding him there was a release of hurt, fear and panic. All these emotions are gushing out of the reader through these pages. You did a wonderful job I liked the first verson and the second one as well. Hip-Hip Horray for my little girl. Love you , Mama
1/26/2013 c31 mama
Shelby, It's hard to write this through tear soaked eyes. Thee is so much emotion, I can see through her eyes, through her heart , feel Donnies hands on her and the rage she feels as only someone who has been violated can feel . Then making the decision not to let the rape happen gain nor allow him to take her life or Dillons life as she chose freedom over death.
1/25/2013 c31 Mb6644
I like this chapter, but it feels more like Chapter 31 as opposed to an epilogue. I do like how it ties it all together with the two of them on the mountain like Sadie's mom. I guess I just don't want their story to end! lol! I want to see their happily ever after :)
1/25/2013 c30 Aunt Sue
I thought it was perfect the first two times but this time I know it is perfect. You're right about it flowing better. But I thought so before. I do believe you've got it just right now. Gotta luv a Girl... :-))
1/22/2013 c32 Aunt Sue
I reread chapter 30. I didn't think it needed changing but it was so good. Flowed nicely. I am going to miss Dillon and Sadie. They seemed so real. God Bless, I want a signed copy of this book. I'm praying for it to make it to the top where it belongs. My Love to You, Aunt Sue
1/21/2013 c32 1mattnme04
I just came across your story and absolutely fell in love with it from the first chapter. The whole plot line was so intriguing. I wish you all the best with the publication process. You definitely have the talent and such an amazing story to publish. I would definitely read a sequel, but I don't think this story really requires one.
1/17/2013 c31 Aunt Sue
I am going to miss reading the continuation of Sadie's Mountain. It seems so real to me. I feel as though they are real people living a real life story. Fantastic job done. If you don't win the judges are all retarded! I know I should not say something like that but I just can't imagine a better one. Love you Sweet Niece. God Bless :-))
1/17/2013 c31 19Alaeryel
OH MY GOD Bee-I AM DEFINITELY NOT READY for it to end but that is the way it goes! This chapter for me was so POETIC and EMOTIONALLY CHARGED! It WARMED MY HEART and NEARLY STOPPED MY BREATH! You are a TRUE AMAZEMENT and EXTREMELY TALENTED girl-I BOW to you!
1/17/2013 c31 1Princess Of Perfection
This was by far, one of the best pieces I have ever read. I will be sure to check out your other stories. Keep up the good work (: -POP
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